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These twisted horror movies all definitely require a second or third viewing to unpack all their surprises and twist endings ... if you can handle it.

Great horror films are, by definition, meant to leave viewers with a lingering sense of fright and disturbance. When a horror movie's grotesque creations dig into the audience's deepest fears and worst paranoias, they are considered to be an ultimate success.

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However, some horror films are simply so utterly twisted and filled with mind-blowing surprises that fans will need to calm their pounding hearts and dive back in for a second round of examination. From shocking plot developments that are utterly jaw-droppingto surprise characters that reconstruct the entire plot with their existence, these frightening horror movies are so satisfyingly twisted that they're absolutely worth a second watch.

This 2001 horror-thriller starring Nicole Kidman has a shocking twist that's almost impossible to see coming. Though this gothic ghost story goes more for psychological thrills with its suspenseful and moody pacing than it does all-out gore, it still manages to be scary and keep viewers on edge without a blood bath.

The reveal here is so intensely gripping and completely changes everything audiences were led to believe about the main characters that a second watch is almost required to comprehend this shocking switch-up.

This 2019 horror film by Jordon Peele is absolutely worth a second watch after the ending reveals a startling twist so surprising that it puts all the events prior into question and changes everything.

Lupita Nyong'o's strong portrayal of the lead character is intensely creepy and gripping, only adding to the absolutely mind-blowing reveal that requires a second go-round to truly understand the motives of the film's alleged villain. This horror movie truly brings new meaning to the term, seeing double.

This tension-filled 2014 German horror film follows twin boys who suspect that their mother, who's recovering from facial surgery and is wrapped up in bandages, is not who she claims to be.

The chilling tale certainly has its fair share of dark and violent moments and its heavy use of misdirection only makes the startling twisted conclusion that much more shocking. A second watch is definitely required to understand how this utterly twisted horror film completely fooled its audience with this surprising reveal.

Often overlooked in terms of twisted horror, this gripping 2001 movie was created with multiple views in mind, according to the film's director and star, Bill Paxton.

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The film follows a father and his two sons as this happy Texas family's life is turned upside down when the dad decides he's been sent on a mission from God to destroy demons. For a film that has multiple murders, this horror movie is surprisingly non-gory and features more than one seriously twisted plot turn that will most certainly require a second watch, just as the director intended.

After their return home from an extended stay in a psychiatric facility, sisters Su-Mi and Su-Yeon areconvinced that their stepmother, Eun-Joo is hiding a darker ulterior motive in this twistedly iconic South-Korean horror film.

As the story play's out to reveal a slew of creepy and surprising revelations, the final shocking twist truly drives home this well-crafted movie's closing act. With the number of astonishing reveals in this twisted horror film, viewers will certainly need a second look at this clever masterpiece.

This 2009 horror film is truly a twisted journey. The plot follows a married couple, Kate and John Coleman, who are looking to adopt a child after experiencing a tragic loss. What comes next can only be described as any parent's worst nightmare, as the seemingly innocent adopted Esther turns into the child from hell.

As Kate tries to cope, Esther's increasingly hostile and manipulative behavior only worsens. These events lead up to an outrageous twist that will leave viewers so shocked, they'll need a second viewing to accurately process Esther's bizarre secret.

DirectorM. Night Shyamalan is known for slipping dramatic twists into his movies that change up their whole dynamic and he doesn't disappoint with this 2015 horror film. The plot, which follows siblings Becca and Tyler on a five-day visit to their estranged grandparent's house, takes an unexpected turn as bizarre occurrences and disturbing behavior from the grandparents becomes more and more frightening.

This leads up to a surprise twist that will leave viewers headed right back to the film's introduction, wondering how they missed something seemingly right under their noses.

This 2018 horror film is filled with so many shocking turns, a second go-round is almost a requirement to process this twisted tale.

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The plot follows the grieving Graham family as they try to process the surrounding deaths and mysterious legacy that seems to be tied to their fate. The cast, (led by the fabulous Toni Collette,) truly brings these characters to life in the most engagingly creepy way that will haunt viewers long after the shocking conclusion. Just don't lose your head trying to process thissupernatural tale.

Brace yourself, this twisted 2016 horror film about a nanny sent to watch a seemingly possessed lifesize doll named Brahms isn't even close to what it appears to be.

While the premise of this movie already sounds like enough of a wild ride on its own, the shocking truth revealed near the film's end only makes the overall premise seem that much more terrifying. Viewers will certainly want to give this twisted horror film a second look to catch the hidden clues that this disturbing doll isn't all that it seems.

This 2007 Spanish horror film is filled with a heavy supply of supernatural twists. The plot follows Laura, her husband Carlos, and their son Simon, as Laura returns to the orphanage that was her childhood home with the intent of restoring it as a place to house children.

While this haunting film builds with fairly slow suspense, the shocking twists revealed are certainly worth the wait, as is a second viewing to comprehend the clever misdirection of the film's narrative that is far from its tragically dark truth.

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