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No matter the season, there are endless thrillers and slasher flicks that can transport you to the spookiest time of the year. Filled with grim tricks and treats that will scare your socks off, the best scary movies are perfect for binge-watching with your bestie during Halloween and beyond. Hulu boasts an assortment of the best scary movies that will bring the make OG horror enthusiasts jump out in fear.

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1Gretel & Hansel

You'll never look at Hansel and Gretel the same. A far cry from the children's storybook adaption we're used to, this horrifying recreation follows a pair of siblings on their desperate quest to find food and work.


Do you ever wonder why parents enact the rules that they do? A teen girl, who was raised in complete isolation, begins to question the motives of her ultra-controlling mother and makes a shocking discovery.


You've got to be quicker than that. A young woman's plans to kill her abusive father with his hatchet are thwarted when she finds that someone beat her to it.

4Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad will make you want to shower your parents with extra TLC. A teen girl and her younger brother try to survive a day-long outbreak where parents attempt to harm their children.

5The Return

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz said there's no place like home, but The Return begs to differ. A young woman who intentionally steers clear of her hometown in Texas finds herself in suspenseful encounters during an unlikely trip home.

6Lights Out

There's nothing like a mother's love right? A young woman discovers a supernatural force somehow attached to their mother is the cause of her young brother's nighttime terror.


Devil will have you second-guessing seemingly normal parts of your daily routine. This spooky flick follows 5 people who find themselves trapped with the evilest force of them all when an elevator gets stuck shortly after a man jumps to his death from a skyscraper.


As if we needed any other apprehension about hopping into a complete stranger's car, Spree follows a rideshare driver's deadly plan to increase his social media following. Maybe I'll just walk next time.

9Friend Request

Removing someone from your social media platforms has never had more severe consequences. A college student unleashes the wrath of a demonic force when she unfriends a mysterious girl on social media.

10The Box

Rule number one of surviving a scary movie: never open random boxes you find in the woods. A young boy dressed in a wizard costume finds out the hard way after he unfastens the padlock on a sealed box during a game of makeblieve.

11Willy's Wonderland

There's never a convenient time or place for your car to break down but in front of an abandoned family fun center? That screams sinister plot. A man is forced to fight against possessed mascots after he experiences car trouble in front of Willy's Wonderland.

12Little Monsters

Children should always be off-limits, but a swarm of zombies clearly missed the memo. A former musician and children's show personality go up to bat during a sudden zombie outbreak to protect a group of young children.

13The Gillymuck

The woods are probably the worst place to be when an age-old tale becomes reality. A silly campfire story about a mysterious creature takes an interesting turn when a scout uncovers a Gillymuck who lives in the woods.

14Doctor Sleep

You won't be able to catch any z's after watching Doctor Sleep. A struggling alcoholic forms an alliance with a teen who shares his extrasensory gift in the sequel to Stephen King's The Shining."

15The Hug

So much for stuffed animals being soft and cuddly. A birthday boy is in for a rude awakening after sneaking backstage at a pizza arcade.

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