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Its finally here! Spooky season has arrived and if youre anything like us, youre looking to fill your days and weekends with all things scary. Lucky for you, theres plenty to do in and around Barrie to help you celebrate the Halloween season.

Here are a few of our favourite scary things to do in the area.

There was a time over the summer where we thought it might not happen. Thankfully that isnt the case and Halloween Haunt is back! While there are no indoor houses, Canadas Wonderland is still full of scare zones, creepy characters, and spooky decorations that will get you in the Halloween mood.

For those of you who are just there for the thrills, all the rides are still open! Just make sure you dont eat too much funnel cake before heading on the Yukon Striker, its a real doozy.

Love escape rooms but are looking for one a little scarier?

Crypto Escape Rooms in Newmarket specializes in not only testing your wits, but your nerves as well. They have multiple rooms all with different difficulty and scare levels, so youre sure to find one thats right for your group.

If youre new to escape rooms, we recommend Killgore Cabin: Its not the scariest room they have, but the atmosphere is fantastic, and the puzzles are great for beginners.

It really is an excellent room to cut your teeth on.

The Shack is back! Another spooky choice when it comes to escape rooms, Scream Shack is located just north of Orillia and features 2 brand-new rooms: Betrayal and The Butcher.

If you have a big group, the Shack also has a special twist on escape rooms with their VS trailer. Two teams are placed into unique rooms of matching difficulty, and you must race each other to see who escapes first!

The revamped bigger and scarier Grimm Grounds opens tomorrow! Addams family and Addams family values will be playing

Just a short drive up north to Wasaga Beach, Grimm Grounds is a full-blown linear large-scale theatrical horror maze designed to be truly unique and terrorize its victims.

If you want to be scared, the nighttime walks are full of scary sounds, FX, and scare actors. However, if you want a more family-friendly experience, they also have a daytime walkthrough without all the scary stuff. So younger kids can enjoy it as well!

Lets take a little break from actually getting scared for some refreshments shall we?

Every year, the Speakcheasy in Barrie has a special Halloween event where they pair amazing wine with the most delicious cheese you will ever taste. During the event, they also share ghost stories from where the cheese was created and even from their own building!

Be sure to dress up too because theres a prize for the best costume!

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This is another family-friendly night out and an immersive experience like none other. Halloween Night of Lights features more than 1.5 million LED lights animated and synchronized to your favourite Halloween tunes.

Nights of Lights is the original must-see drive-through event of the Fall season for all ages. Turn up the volume and roll down the windows because this dazzling light display only happens once a year.

This one is located in Richmond Hill and the best part is you get to pay per car!

There you have it! Whether youre looking for an activity to really sends shivers down your spine, or something a little more family friendly, you dont have to drive very far to find some awesome spooky things to do!

If youre looking to get some thrills at home too, we also have some scary movie recommendations, on Netflix and Prime, that are perfect for a fun night with the lights off! Dont forget the popcorn!

What will you be doing this spooky season?

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Celebrate The Halloween Season With 6 Scary Things To Do in Barrie - Barrie 360

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