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TheFinal Destinationfranchise is known for its ability to include both large and minute details that foreshadow a character's death. While it was less prevalent inFinal Destination 4andThe Final Destination,the first three movies were able to create significant instances where death's design was clearly inevitable. Nearly every death is foreshadowed right before it takes place, but only a few happen right before the premonition, in the midst of it, or directly afterwards. These ones are particularly important, as they solidify how the characters ofFinal Destinationnever had a way to escape their fates.

Horror movies released in 2000 were some of the greatest in the entire history of the genre. There were several franchises that started, such asFinal DestinationandScary Movie, while others expanded, likeScreamandHellraiser.It was a year where horror movies started to change and reinvent themselves by introducing new sub-genres or structures.Final Destinationfully embraced a plot that focused on the inevitable fate all humanity experiences - death - despite beating it the first time around. The concept of death and dying likely came from the fear of a new millennium and all the problems that could come with it. Given the departure from slasher movies, the genre was in desperate need of reinvention; James Wong's movie lent its hand by having viewers recognize how fleeting life can be when death surrounds day to day life.

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When movies foreshadow a character's death well before it actually takes place, it adds an exciting element for viewers. Whether it's someone's first time watching it or tenth, there's always something new to uncover in theFinal Destinationfranchise. Without further ado, here's every character's death that was foreshadowed before, during, and directly after the premonitions took place.

Tod Waggner's (Chad Donella) death was foreshadowed directly before Alex Browning (Devon Sawa,Idle Hands) saw Flight 180 explode in the air with him and his classmates inside. As he looks over to his friend sitting several rows in front of him, he mimes a motion that can only be described as hanging himself. While the original cut of the movie had a longerversion of this particular instance, it doesn't dissuade from the fact that it was foreshadowed only moments before the premonition as a nod towards Tod's gruesome death.

Tod is the first survivor to die, as death's design follows the survivors in the same order they would've originally died on the plane; Alex is the seventh. When Tod slips on a puddle of water in his bathroom, his neck gets tangled in a clothes line that grips him so tightly his eyes pop out and he dies after struggling for several excruciating minutes, making his death the most disturbingout of the entire franchise.

After Alex convinces six people to get off of the flight with him, one of his fellow classmates, Terry Chaney (Amanda Detmer), stands in front of a painting of a bus. It's very subtle and the image is very blurry, which could cause it to go unnoticed. Later in the movie, Terry dies after she has an argument with Alex on the street. As she steps into oncoming traffic, a bus slams into her body and instantly kills her. Blood splatters on Alex in the shape of a seven, which could foreshadow his death, but the original script was altered; this detail is left ambiguous as to whether he actually died.

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The survivors of Flight 180 look out the window as the plane starts to explode on take-off. Billy Hitchcock (Seann William Scott,American Pie) stares into the sky as the fire reflects on the middle of his face. This is the most subtle hint at a character's death that's included in the first movie. When Billy dies, a piece of shrapnel flies through the air and slices his head in half the exact spot where the fire appeared earlier.

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Final Destination 2didn't feature hints on how the characters would die before, during, and directly after the premonition, though their deaths were foreshadowed moments before they happened. However, inFinal Destination 3,every single photo that Wendy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) took of her friends the night of the rollercoaster accident include major clues as to how they die. Even the scenes that the pictures were shot during have direct hints. The most evident is that of Ashley Freund (Chelan Simmons,Tucker and Dale vs Evil) and Ashlyn Halperin (Crystal Lowe,Wrong Turn 2: Dead End).

After winning a carnival game, the two receive an inflatable palm tree as a prize. While this may have appeared as a harmless and exciting gift, it actually alludes to their death. Palm trees indicate hot weather, suggesting something related to tanning or vacation. Once Wendy looks at their picture, the image appears as though they are burning. Ashley and Ashlyn met their end in a tanning salon after water leaked onto the temperature controls and set the room ablaze.

Jason Wise (Jesse Moss,The Uninvited) dies on the rollercoaster. While this is not necessarily considered a foreshadowed death, as he isn't saved from the premonition, it's important to note that the picture Wendy took of him in front of the ride solidified that Jason never had the chance of becoming a survivor. The rollercoaster carts are aimed directly toward his head. His death was inevitable; there was no way anyone could've gotten him off that ride.

When Frankie Cheeks (Sam Easton) is seen in an up-skirt photo of Stacy, his head appears near a fan. Despite the fact that Wendy does everything in her power to stop him from dying, it cannot be avoided. In seconds, a motor flies out of a car and the propeller slices into the face of his head, just like the picture predicted.

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Lewis Romero (Texas Battle) shows his strength when he participates in a carnival game where a person uses a hammer to hit a target as hard as they can so that a weight will ring a bell several feet in the air. On his final swing, he knocks it all the way off of its tracks, sending the weight in mid-air. While he is working out in the school gym, two weights come down on his head, smashing it to pieces. This is a direct reference to the carnival game he played earlier in the movie that foreshadowed his death.

Wendy takes a photo of Erin Ulmer (Alezx Johnson) and Ian McKinley (Kris Lemche) where the two are playing a shooting game. While she covers her face, Ian ducks as the gun is aimed at her head. After Wendy confronts them at their place of work, Erin falls on a nail gun which fires off several times into her skull. It is also speculated that the fact that he fingernail is so close to the gun in the photo suggests that it was a way of referencing a nail gun, as well as her snide remark aboutHellraiser'sPinhead later in the movie.

When Perry Malinowski (Maggie Ma) dies, she is impaled by a flag that reads"Liberty or Death."The photo Wendy took of her the night of the accident shows her in front of an American flag, which indicates she will die of circumstances relating to it. There are countless instances whereFinal Destinationforeshadows a character's death at some point throughout every installment, but they notably decreased as the franchise went on. This feature was one of the greatest aspects of the first and third movies, and will hopefully reappear in the upcoming Final Destination 6.

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