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During your run-in, do you feel Boggs was caught up in the drama of that particularly crazy investigation, or trying to pass off what he sees?

Dr. Boggs is definitely trying to pass off what he sees. Hes trying, as we often do, to interpret whatever happens to him, so it gibes with his worldview. His worldview is there are no demons. His worldview is: theres only what you can see, what you can use a scientific method to see, and what empirically happens. He has decided that he didnt really see something, that it was a shadow or that thing where he hid his nose somewhere earlier on the wall. Hes done, like many people and many countries and many societies, too, hes figured it out. So, oh my God, everythings fine. I dont have to worry about this.

Then he has this talk with Sister Andrea, and he cant deny it on a level that he cant understand because hes limited. But its going to force its way into his whole life, that there is something if you can feel it. He can feel it. He knows. He knows theres something, now, after listening to her. He knows it. And he cant deny it. He cant even stop thinking about it. And hes tempted. Those forces start to tempt him because theres an opening. And they go through that opening

When the demon and Sister Andrea boop you on the nose, do you happen to know if the Kings got that from the movie Dogma?

I dont know about Dogma, but I know the Kings are highly referential in their work of great other movies. When they talk about things, and in the script, sometimes when they describe scenes, they say like this movie, like that movie. It would not surprise me if they got it from Dogma, and they would have no problem telling you if they did, and they probably did. I dont know. But they build upon the show, they stand upon the shoulders of other great artists. So, it could very easily be true.

You also worked on BrainDead.

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Evil Season 3: Dr. Boggs' World Will Be "Supremely Rocked" - Den of Geek

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