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James Van Der Beek and his wife Kimberly are enjoying sharing favorite traditions with their growing brood Emilia, 16 months, Annabel, 3, Joshua, 5, and Olivia, 6. One example? Celebrating Halloween all year round!

Ive got kids who love Halloween so much they celebrate it throughout the year, Van Der Beek, 40, tells PEOPLE in this weeks issue. There are always costumes.

He adds, My son, a month ago was like, Daddy, fog machine, please? So we got out the fog machine, we got out the Halloween decorations, they wanted it spooky so we had spider webs up, they just love Halloween.

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Van Der Beek says that his youngsters love for the holiday extends to their favorite movies. They love Tim Burton. My daughters favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas, he says.

Even with all the crazy creepiness and grossness thats in it, from 5 years old on she loved it. Its an amazing movie, he continues.As somebody in this business, I was like, Yeah kid, great taste! I was super proud.

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Van Der Beek can currently be seen playing a version of superstar deejay Diplo in the comedy series What Would Diplo Do?, on which he also serves as producer, show runner and writer. The former Dawsons Creek teen heartthrob says that having kids changed his perspective on the work he chooses to do.

The second I had kids, they immediately became my priority and everything I did existed to support the life that was all about them in a good way, he says. Whats been fun about the work that Ive been doing is that its so playful and kids bring out that playful side of you so I think thats gone hand in hand.

What Would Diplo Do? airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on Viceland.

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James Van Der Beek's Daughter Has 'Great Taste' in Movies: Find Out Which (Scary!) Film She Loves Makes Him ... - PEOPLE.com

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