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Jed Shepherd, co-writer of upcoming TIFF movie Dashcam, and Sebastien Bazile, co-founder of production hub Screen Anthology, are working on a new anthology movie project that is to be sourced entirely from the Clubhouse horror community.

The project, currently untitled, is a follow up to Sinphony, a scary movie anthology that began in a horror room on Clubhouse, the audio-based social media platform. The project was scripted and shot all around the world via members of the horror room.

The new project, announced yesterday, will be similarly sourced all cast and crew have to be members of Clubhouse and has been described as a social media-like version of Project Greenlight, the series that followed newbie filmmakers in a bakeoff to make a movie.

The new anthology is to have 10 segments, five directed by women, five by men. The production will also be creating an ongoing series of rooms on Clubhouse that will allow the community to follow along and ask everyone involved questions throughout the process. Clubhouse has no stake in the intellectual properties of the endeavor.

Shepherd and Bazile are producing along with Michael Galvan.

The deadline for submissions in Sept. 16, with quarter finalists to be announced Sept. 30. Semi-finalists will be revealed Oct. 14 and the winner will be crowned Oct. 31.

Sinphony is expected to debut on streaming timed to Halloween, accompanied by a possible limited theatrical release.

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New Clubhouse-Created Horror Anthology in the Works - Hollywood Reporter

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