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BLOOMINGTON Moviegoers who see the new adaptation of Stephen King's novel "It" across the country will go home with artwork created in the Twin Cities.

Half Hazard Press, a Bloomington studio, designed an official alternate poster to be distributed at ArcLight Cinemas locations nationwidefor the new movie, which opened Friday, under a contract with distributor Warner Bros.

The poster also has gone viral online, a big boost for studio founders Christopher Gray and Joel Hunter.

This piece we were having some fun with is getting whole-world recognition, Gray told The Pantagraph. "It's great because part of our goal is to show you dont have to be in a big city. You can do cool things here in Bloomington-Normal, and they impact places outside Illinois.

For Hunter, a longtime King fan, the poster was a dream project even though the Maine author's work is often the stuff of nightmares.

Half Hazard Press' poster fits into that theme, depicting the horrifying Pennywise the clown as a massive head with a gaping, fang-lined mouth that leads into a sewer-like throat.

Also featured are a paper hat, a stray tennis shoe and a red-eyed figure wearing a yellow jacket and holding a red balloon.

"We got to see clips of some of the movie before release to create the artwork," said Gray. "It was thoroughly inspired by the vision behind the new movie, although they also wanted us to put things in there as tribute to the original (1990 TV miniseries).

"Some of the work we did last year with ESPN and through State Farm this year is starting to catch the attention of bigger companies, said Gray of the studio's growth. Being artists, we love film. It's a great challenge totake our style and adapt that.

Gray said the studio continues to get Hollywood projects, including art commissioned by Netflix based on its animated show "BoJack Horseman" and alternate covers for unnamed Sony films to be sold on special steelbook Blu-rays through Best Buy this fall.

Half Hazard Press, which also prints apparel, is preparing to open a new production and retail space in downtown Bloomington this fall. The studio will move from 603 S. Center St. to 105 W. Jefferson St.

"We want to have a viewing counter all the way around where people can come in anytime were open and see what were working on, Gray said. "People can come in, hang out, see how this stuff is made and learn more about the company theyre supporting in the community.

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Scary stuff: Bloomington studio creates official 'It' movie poster - Bloomington Pantagraph

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