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Halloween is an exciting time for kids, who get to go trick or treating around their neighborhood. But they are not the only ones who love this special holiday.

No matter your age, Halloween is a fun occasion that should be celebrated, although do not expect a warm welcome from your neighbors if you turn up on their doorstep asking for candy! Here are some fun ideas for adults, young and old, to have a memorable Halloween with friends:

Halloween party

Typically, Halloween just is not Halloween without a costume party to attend. It is an opportunity to dress up as your favorite character and enjoy spending time with friends. Many couples will wear matching costumes. But if you are single this year, look at for reviews onbest friend Halloween costumes.

If you are hosting the party, let your imagination run wild when it comes to dcor and snacks. Keep it creepy to stick with your chosen theme, and never forget that very few people grow out of Halloween candy. Have a decent supply on hand to feed your party guests.

Scary movie night

If you and your friends are not in a party mood, why not opt for a movie night at someones home or dorm room? Select Halloween-themed movies and settle in for a night of relaxed fun. You can still make it a themed dress-up event to get everyone into the Halloween spirit. However, remind guests to dress comfortably for the night ahead.

Ensure there are enough snacks and drinks to get everyone through your movie marathon. The additional advantage here is cozying up to your crush, who will be on hand to hold your hand when the movie gets scary.

Escape room

You will need to book anescape room adventureearly to avoid disappointment. This is a growing favorite Halloween activity, and you are unlikely to reserve one at short notice. With a Halloween-themed escape room to search for clues, you and your friends will be well-entertained.

However, be ready for a few bumps and screams as the organizers will add a few extras to make it even more memorable. Enjoy the scare factor with a group of friends for a more intense bonding session.


When it comes to Halloween, few people mind reliving their childhood a little, and what better way to do that than a good old-fashioned sleepover? While it might be different from your previous sleepovers because it is co-ed, the idea still stays the same.

Make it a onesie party to see your friends in their PJs. Have lots of drinks and snacks at the ready. Add an extra Halloween activity to the nights fun. For example, you could include a scary story competition to see who can tell the most spine-chilling tale.

Do some good

There is nothing better to make you feel good about yourself than giving to others. Find out about charities and other organizations in your area and what events they might be hosting for Halloween. They might need volunteers for a haunted house or to visit sick children in the hospital with some treats.

Even dressing in your Halloween costume and going tohelp serve mealsat a homeless shelter can be lots of fun and bring a smile to many other peoples faces.

Some organizations ask older teens and college students to go door-to-door to collect perishable and non-perishable food for the less fortunate. Such acts of kindness will only take up a couple of hours of your time, after which you are free to go out and have your own Halloween fun.

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