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"The Vigil" concerns Yakov (Dave Davis), a young man who is estranged from his Orthodox Jewish community. He reluctantly agrees to be a shomer a person who keeps watch over a dead body for the night, partly as a favor to his friend but mainly because he needs the money. This involves sitting with the corpse of Mr. Litvak until morning, while his widow, who has Alzheimer's, is sleeping. However, Mrs. Litvak keeps appearing and acting strangely, and Yakov keeps seeing things.

Writer-Director Keith Thomas uses dead space, light, and shadow to create a creepy atmosphere that will have your eyes constantly darting to the corners of the frame, wondering if you've seen something or imagined it. "The Vigil" has a lot in common withNatalie Erika James'"Relic"; the house feels drenched in grief and trauma.

As with "Ghost Stories," it is revealed that Yakov is battling his own demons, as well as whatever creature is haunting the Litvak residence. Impressively for a horror film, "The Vigil" doesn't conveniently find a way to get rid of Yakov's cellphone, but instead uses it to create fear. In fact, perhaps the two scariest moments in "The Vigil" involve Yakov's phone. It's an impressive debut from Thomas.

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The 15 Scariest Horror Movies On Hulu Right Now - /FILM

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