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Watching horror films can be a thrilling experience, whether you watch them by yourself or with a group of friends. The sheer amount of fear that some of these movies cause are enough to keep you up for several nights in a row. The moment you think you saw something moving from the corner of your eye, or the moment a branch hits your window, you will get startled. Only some of the terrifying stories could lead to reactions like this.

But when watching horror films, there are some things you should and shouldnt do, and if you want your experience during and after the movie to be better, you need to know about them. Here are some of the dos and donts of watching horror movies.

1. Eat Something

Whether its popcorn or a whole meal, having something to eat while watching a horror movie could help prevent you from getting too scared of what you see. When eating, your mind is focusing on two things. Half of it is watching the movie, and the other half is focused on eating and possibly cleaning those crumbs from your t-shirt and couch.

This is useful because it distracts you, so you will not be completely terrified. This way, you can enjoy the experience without getting scarred for life.

2. Dont Watch It at the Cinema

No matter what film youre watching, you should not go to the cinema, not if you want to experience the movie the right way. There will be other people at the cinema too, who will most likely ruin your experience. There will probably be a lot of shouting or talking, as well as a lot of popcorn box rustling and so on. This can distract you and make it hard to follow the events of the movie, let alone take in the scary factor.

Therefore, its better to watch your movie at home, especially considering that the prices of home cinema systems are much lower.

3. Dont Switch All the Lights Off

You may feel tempted to switch off all the lights to get the full experience of the scary movie. But while this may indeed lead to some extreme feelings, your cardiac status is already within that dying and surviving spectrum. You will be happier if you have at least one light on so that you dont make the room completely dark.

If you have difficulties falling asleep after the movie when everything is dark, you may want to look into some of the best organic CBD oil softgels & pills. Not only are they great for promoting health, but they are also useful for people with sleep problems. You will start feeling sleepy and forget about the haunting aspect of the movie.

4. Dont Drink a Lot

Having a glass of water nearby may be necessary to quench your thirst after munching on popcorn. You shouldnt make the mistake of drinking too much, though, whether its water, soda, or beer. When you drink too much, youll feel the need to go to the bathroom a lot. Not only will this interrupt the movie for you, but it may also make you go to areas in your house that will scare you, particularly if the movie used certain elements like mirrors or shadows.

5. Use Them to Overcome Fears

Have you heard of exposure therapy? Psychologists use this method a lot. It involves exposing you to something youre scared of to help you handle it and eventually overcome your fear. So, why not do that with a horror movie?

Whether youre scared of clowns or spiders, you may find them in a horror movie. Watching these movies may make it easier for you to overcome your real fear afterward.

6. Dont Watch Late at Night

If youre already dealing with insomnia, watching a horror movie before bed is not the best idea. The suspense will not allow you to feel sleepy at all, so that you will have an even harder time falling asleep. In this situation, its best to watch earlier or watch them on days when you dont have to get to sleep early.

Final Thoughts

Horror movies are fun, but there are some things you should and shouldnt do to have a better experience with these movies. Make sure to follow these tips, and you will find horror movies more enjoyable and handle them better. Also, you may want to watch them with friends or family it makes the experience more fun.

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The Dos and Don'ts of Watching Horror Movies - Flickering Myth

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