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A TikToker is rating horror films after watching more than a thousand of them. And while this might sound like many people's idea of hell, it has meant that she's able to definitively tell us which are actually scary and worth a watch, and which ones to swerve.

In the video TikToker and resident horror expert @madyplaysgames breaks down which of the films are legitimately scary, so you never have to waste time trying to find one again.

She begins the video saying, "I've watch[ed] over 1000 horror movies. Here are some that genuinely scared me..."

She starts the list with Ringu - "Up first we have Ringu or The Ring, this is the Japanese original, it's what inspired The Ring so if you loved that movie I would highly recommend watching this one."

Her next suggestion, The Orphanage which is by the writer of The Shape of Water, looks equally horrifying.

"Next we have The Orphanage by Guillermo Del Toro. He's actually a master of horror I have realised and this one scared the absolute crap out of me.

"Up next we have Hell House LLC," she continues. "This one is a found footage film. It's really underrated and really unexpected how good it was. I really liked this one."

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She then goes onto REC, "which inspired [the film] Quarantine - this is the Spanish original. This is way scarier than Quarantine and again, foreign horror is just superior."

Finally she ends with The Blair Witch Project, explaining, "I don't care what anyone says this is gonna be the scariest movie I've ever seen. I grew up when people were made to feel this was a real documentary and it sticks with you.

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The good news is that she's also made a part 2 and a part 3, so we can keep ourselves terrified for a good while.

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This TikToker watched 1,000 horror films and here are the ones she actually rates - Cosmopolitan UK

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