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A new piece of fan art for Marvel's WandaVision combines Disney's new hit show with Tobe Hooper's classic 1982 horror film, Poltergeist.

A new fan poster for WandaVisioncombines Marvel's show with the classic horror moviePoltergeist.The '80s were floodedwith now-iconic horror films, and in 1982, Tobe Hooper'sPoltergeistwas released. Poltergeist stands out among severalflicks about demonic spirits, many of which were even influenced bythe '80s film. The movie may not be considered scary by today's standards; however, one of the most memorable scenes is when the spirits reach out to Heather O'Rourke's character through the family's television.

While Warner Bros. has had many successful films sincePoltergeistcame out, Disney has turned the Marvel Cinematic Universe into one of its most valuable pieces of IP.In fact,Avengers: Endgamecurrently holds the record as the highest-grossingmovie ever made.WandaVisionstands as Disney+'s first Marvel TV show, and the series itself also revolvesaround different eras of TV sitcoms. The story forWandaVisionwas still shrouded in mystery throughout the first episodes of the series. In episode 4, viewers finally started to get answers, with it being explained that WandaVision was controlling the citizens of Westview to create her own sitcom starring her and Vision.

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Artist thebutcherbillyhas effectively combined these two unrelated franchises in a new piece ofWandaVisionartwork. The piece shows Wandareaching out from the inside of an '80s TV set as Vision hovers in the background. The artist's full piece can be seen below:

Despite being nearly 40 years old,Poltergeisthas remained a landmark film in the horror genre.Hooper's film received two mediocre sequels in 1986 and 1988, as well as a remake in 2015, but none of them were able to match the original's success. Whilemaybe not infiltrating pop culture as much as films likeA Nightmare on Elm StreetandFriday the 13th,Poltergeistis still being talked about to this day. This is partly due to iconic images such asthe TV scene and the ongoing debate on who actually directedPoltergeist: Steven Spielberg or Hooper.

Likewise, WandaVisionis Marvel's newest release, but the series is already shaping up to make a lasting effect on the MCU. Scarlet Witch will return inDoctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which, along withSpider-Man 3, is expected tocombine multiple universes. The surprise cameo at the end ofWandaVisionepisode 5 "On a Very Special Episode..." already started to incorporate non-MCU Marvel characters into Disney's franchise. It's theorized that Quicksilver could be the real villain inWandaVision, or as this poster suggests,Wanda has become a villain herself.

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