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KEVIN Hart fans are set to see the comedian in a different light, as he takes on the lead in gritty Netflix show True Story.

The Hollywood star is joined in this limited series by a whole host of A-list stars.


Kevin leads the cast of True Story as stand-up comedian Kid.

His character has an on-stage persona that is not far from the actor's own, performing sets to sold out arenas around the United States.

Kevin is best known for his comedy films including Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

The actor also took the lead in the 2021 Netflix film Fatherhood.


Wesley co-stars as kid's older brother Carlton.

His character has seen considerably less success in his life, with his latest business venture being a restaurant that is struggling to stay afloat.

Wesley is of course best known for the Blade franchise.

The actor's other work includes the hit 90s film White Men Can't Jump.


Space Force and Star Trek: Lower Decks's Tawny Newsome plays Billie.

The actress plays a writer who works on material for Kid to perform but is increasingly frustrated by a lack of recognition.

Aside from acting, Tawny is also a singer in the band Four Lost Souls.


For this role, Theo plays Kid's obsessive fan Gene.

Aside from True Story, the rising star's biggest show to date is Army of the Dead.

The actor has also well known for starring in Sons of Anarchy.

Paul takes on the role of Kids manager, Todd.

Away from True Story and the actor is best known for Prison Break.

He also starred in many movies including Memoirs of a Geisha

Will takes on the role of Kid's trusted friend Herschel.

The actor is of course best known for starring in Black Lightening.

Will is also known for Love Is.

Hollywood star Billy plays one of the gang members that Kid gets mixed up in.

The actor's biggest role would have to be starring in the 1998 blockbuster film Titanic.

Billy is also known for the scary movie Dead Calm

True Story dropped on Netflix on November 24, 2021.

The series has seven episodes for you to binge watch all at once.

It is not known if there will be a season 2 yet, as Netflix are calling it a Limited Series.

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Who is in the cast of Kevin Harts True Story?... - The Sun

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