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Theres a new horror movie,The Unholy, now playing for all those movie fans who are tired of all the romcoms and action flicks. But will the movie be available on Blu-ray and DVD?

The UnholyfollowsThe Walking Deadstar Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Gerry Feen, a journalist who is skeptical about a womans (Cricket Brown) claims that she was cured by the Virgin Mary. Something supernatural is definitely going on, but its nothing holy its something sinister.

Lets just say Gerry has just meddled into something thats bigger than he bargained for. Will he be able to get out?

Both horror fans and those who enjoy the actor rushed to watch the movie, which is only playing in theaters. Thats right, the movie cant be streamed online like most movies have been in past months, movie theaters only!

In my opinion, a large screen is the best place to watch scary movies. It just offers the best experience. But whether or not youve seen the movie, youre likely wondering if you will be able to own it on Blu-ray/DVD. Heres what we know!

Unfortunately, there has not been an official date announced for when the movie will receive the physical copy treatment, but there will definitely be one! And we can sort of guess when that will be.

Typically, there are four to six months between a films premiere date and its Blu-ray/DVD copy release. This meansThe Unholymay be released on disc early Aug. to early Oct. When do you think the movie will be released? A Halloween release would be perfect, but itll likely be out before that.

What do you enjoy best from Blu-ray/DVD releases? I love watching bloopers and scenes that didnt make the final cut!

The movie is now playing in theaters, have you watched it?

Will The Unholy movie be available on Blu-ray/DVD? - Hidden Remote

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