Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Shows Some Improvement In …

Fear the Walking Dead

Game of Thrones is over so its time to flip over to my other most-talked about TV universe, The Walking Dead. We are still in the middle of the Whisperer war on the main show, but we are about to see the return of Fear the Walking Dead on June 2.

AMC has sent out screeners already for not just the premiere, but actually the first four episodes of season 5, all of which Ive watched, and the review embargo was yesterday but I forgot about it, so here we are.

The problem is that there is a very, very long list of plot points Im not allowed to talk about with these new episodes, which includes most of the reasons theyre interesting, including the one detail that makes me very curious to see where this season goes. But thats something Ill have to talk about on June 3, I guess.

Otherwise, these episodes arefine. Fear has the same showrunners it did last season, and that isnt ideal considering the quality drop from season 3 to 4 when they took over was immense, and it featured very bad moments like the show killing off Nick, because the actor wanted to leave, and the show killing off Madison, when the actress very much did not want to leave. That leaves us only with Alicia Clarke as the lone surviving member of the core family of the show, and as good a character as she may be, she cant carry the entire show by herself.

Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead could use an Angela Kang-style renaissance to be sure, but what were getting instead is maybe moderate improvements and hopefully the ability to restrain itself from killing off any more key characters.

The plot of this season has half the group stranded in a new area after their plane crashes responding to a call for help (yes they have a plane now. Well, had). The other half is trying to get to them, and this process involves the reveal of two returning characters, Daniel Salazar, who survived his presumed death in Season 3, and Dwight, who has made his way over from The Walking Dead. This is not a spoiler since both of these guys were in the trailer, though I wont say anything about how they arrive. What is clear, however, is that we are absolutely not fully caught up to the timeline of the The Walking Dead after its 6-7 year time jump. Id say we are no more than a year after the end of season 4 of Fear, meaning we are probably 5-6 years at the very least behind the current timeline of The Walking Dead. In short, that means probably no big crossover is coming any time soon.

The most interesting part of this season so far is the slow reveal of a new class of enemies, ones that wear unique armor and are interesting because.well, thats the part I cant talk about. But suffice to say their presence alone is enough to get me interested about the overall direction of this season.

Fear the Walking Dead

My favorite episode of the four I watched is one where John Dorie (still one of the only characters I truly like on Fear) returns to the Old West tourist town where he used to be a trickshooter which results in some fun moments, and one way, way too cheesy one I wouldnt get into now. I like the return of Daniel as hes always been a good character and hes still good here. I was never really a fan of Dwight on The Walking Dead and I dont know how useful hell be here. Hopefully more so than Morgan, who added pretty much nothing of value for his entire season 4 run last year.

Still, as a Walking Dead fan, Fear is still worth watching. So far, at least, there has not been anything outrageously terrible in these first episodes like we saw in season 3, and with the awful deaths of Nick and Madison behind us, hopefully things will be better moving forward this year. Im looking forward to seeing where the show goes next, though now that Ive seen the first months worth of episodes, Ill be waiting a long time to pick it back up with new ones. But Ill have more to say on these first few once they air.

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Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Shows Some Improvement In ...

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