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Poppy Liu as Amy Tales of the Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 4 Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC

Weve passed the halfway mark of the first season of Tales of The Walking Dead, and, as always, a new episode brings a new installment of Things To Note! Its that time, once again, to pore over all the finer details of the latest episode of Tales of The Walking Dead before the next episode arrives. Last weeks episode introduced us to Dr. Chauncey Everett, a doctor and naturalist who has spent much of the apocalypse studying the dead, attempting to understand their behavior, their migration patterns, and their effect on the ecosystem around them. We were also introduced to Amy, a young woman who is part of her own group, which lives on the outskirts of the so-called Dead Sector Dr. Everett lives in, trying to eke out an existence there as a sanctuary from the harsh life they might be subjected to closer to the remnants of civilization near the Florida-Georgia border. The two are thrust together by circumstances and find themselves having to work together to get what they both want.

But, within all of this was a host of little details, hints, clues, references, and trivia that might be overlooked during your first viewing of this episode. Thats what Im here for, to collect all of these details and present them all together in one place, so you dont have to go looking for them.

Are you ready? Its time for this weeks installment of Tales of The Walking Dead: Things To Note!

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Tales of The Walking Dead, Amy/Dr. Everett: Things To Note - Undead Walking

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