The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 11 Bounty Review [Spoilers …

[Editors note: The following containsspoilersfor The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 11, Bounty.]

Bounty is a perfectly solid episode of The Walking Dead, with suitably taut plotting and one fresh bit of zombie business. It also goes out of its way to practically scream, Something absolutely terrible will happen in the near future.

One of the pleasures of Bounty is how it effectively wrings tension from its plotlines. The Whisperers are new enough on the scene that theres no telling how theyll react to any situation, and the hostage negotiations that dominate the hour have enough wrinkles that the outcome remains in doubt. The Kingdom subplot is a little less effective, since once Carol fully embraces Ezekiels side mission theres little doubt that it wont succeed, but before then the presence of long-established but lesser-seen characters like Jerry and Dianne lends an air of danger to the proceedings.

But everything works out! True, Hilltop has to give up Lydia, but no war is declared and nobody dies. Ezekiels team manages to get their projector bulb for movie night and everythings finally coming up Kingdom. Then Ezekiel has to open his big mouth and say, Maybe were done losing for a while.

My dude, you simply dont say things like that on the zombie murder show.

The Walking Dead.

Gene Page/AMC

Obviously, Ezekiel doesnt know hes on a TV show. He doesnt even know about the Whisperers or Jesuss death. But the writers sure do, and this moment along with some others (Its all going to work out, a sudden re-interest in Jerry and the large family he and his wife have created) all seem to point to something very, very bad happening in the near future, as much as it might be better that it didnt. Oh hey, the fairs coming up!

Despite her more prominent role this episode, we dont learn too much more about Alpha than we did last week, except that shes a survival of the fittest type, and yes, that includes sacrificing babies who wont stop crying and attracting the dead (dont expect a Whisperer baby boom anytime soon). Its been some time since the show has had a genuine baby-in-peril moment and this episode makes the most of it, as Connie leaps from her hiding place in the corn to snatch the baby.

Theres an inspired bit of zombie business as we experience things from Connies hearing-impaired perspective as she ducks through the corn field without being able to hear the walkers around her. At last, the show has found a way to justify a walker getting the drop on somebody. Fortunately, Daryl and the others arrive just in time.

Despite it all, Alpha is true to her word and gives up Alden and Gregory in exchange for Lydia, and promises no further conflict. Obviously there will be further conflict, since Henry goes chasing Lydia and Daryl, Connie, and Dog go chasing after Henry. Leave it to Henry to spark the post-zombie-apocalypse equivalent of an international incident, even if its probably the right thing to do.

The Walking Dead.

Gene Page/AMC

We finally learn the purpose of the Kingdoms upcoming fair: Ezekiel wants all the communities to finally sign the charter that was drawn up but never signed for still-exasperatingly-unexplained reasons. Its a noble pursuit, but someone still needs to convince Michonne. Although couldnt the other communities still enter into an agreement even if Alexandria doesnt want to? Why deny the benefits of the charter to so many just because Michonnes being a jerk? Still, better late than never.

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The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 11 Bounty Review [Spoilers ...

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