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Last night The Walking Dead did something unexpected. Rather than keeping the new villains, the Whisperers, a mystery for as long as possible, we had an entire episode dedicated to the backstory of their leader, Alpha. This was told through flashbacks, a storytelling device we have almost never seen The Walking Dead use in nine years now, and we are surely going to see more of them as we discover other secrets like what happened to Michonne and Daryl to give them those scars.

I liked this episode overall, but I did feel like it had some issues with editing that made it somewhat confusing. If you walked away from the episode not really clear on what Lydias story was, I wouldnt blame you. It was supposed to be shifting and confusing, but it was also a little hard to puzzle out because of the editing. Heres a breakdown of what exactly seemed like it happened, and then actually happened, as best I can tell.

The fake story:

The real story:

The idea here is that Lydia has repressed the true story of what happened with her mother and father because her mother has told her the fake story so many times she thought it was actually what happened. Lydias mother has painted herself in her mind as Lydias protector, but Lydia has been more like an abused captive than anything. This is told in parallel with a few reveals about how Daryl (and Merle) had abusive family members growing up as well, though sadly we see no flashbacks of little Daryl the way we did with Lydia.

Lydia concludes all this by saying that her mother wont care that she got captured and shell just move on, but that turns out not to be true as Alpha leads a band of Whisperers to the Hilltop to try and get her back, presumably by trading Alden and Luke who she captured last episode.

I dont think were supposed to know if we can trust Lydia yet. Breaking through her fake story to the truth of her rough past does make her more sympathetic, and yet Lydia also seems like a character that knows how to work people with her youth and supposed innocence to her favor. We obviously have seen her do this with Henry already, but could she be doing it with Daryl too? After that story, Im more prone to trust her now, but perhaps that was the point.

Good episode, albeit a bit confusing.

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What Exactly Happened To Lydia In Last Night's Confusing 'The ...

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