A Kickass Zombie Movie Is Back From The Dead To Terrorize Netflix – We Got This Covered

Zack Snyders Army of the Deadwas one of Netflixs biggest original movies to date. The zombie heist caper sees a rugged band of heroes venturing into an undead-infested Las Vegas to retrieve the contents of a safe before the city is nuked. Its a killer premise, with the movie rocketing to the top of the Netflix charts in May and eventually ending up in the streaming giants all-time original movie top ten.

Now, half a year on from its debut, its creeping back up the charts. As of yesterday Army of the Dead was the seventh most-watched movie on Netflix, with audiences around the world either checking out the movie for the first time or rewatching it.

Some of that will be down to its prequel Army of Thieves, which premiered two weeks ago and fleshes out the backstory of Matthias Schweighfers safe-cracking genius Ludwig Dieter. This prequel produced by Zack Snyder and directed by Schweighfer himself received positive reviews and was top of the charts on Netflix during its first weekend.

After those successes, Netflixs investment in Snyders zombie universe looks like a smart one. The next entry will be the anime-style series Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas. This will also be a prequel and follows the core characters during the initial outbreak. The primary cast is reprising their roles and will apparently answer some of the lingering questions about the robot zombies glimpsed in the movie.

Beyond that, theres the just-announced full sequel Planet of the Dead, though Snyder has to finish working on his current project Rebel Moon first. In the meantime check out Army of the Dead on Netflix for one hell of a wild ride.

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A Kickass Zombie Movie Is Back From The Dead To Terrorize Netflix - We Got This Covered

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