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Pace de Vosges for Grardmer 2021! Annual mass for thrill seekers since 1994, the International Fantastic Film Festival, usually nestled in the delightful resort of Gerom, often snowy at the time, begins this Wednesday for a 100% digital edition, for the first time in its history. Its president, this year: the director Bertrand Bonello, responsible for directing a virtual jury in a pandemic context worthy of a (bad) disaster film. Despite the closed rooms, the filming stopped and the apocalyptic consequences for the 7e art, the fantastic has never seemed so alive, so vivid, and the director of the festival, Bruno Barde, viewed no less than 300 films to establish his selection. We know that troubled times engender horror and monsters (especially during the 1930s with the Universal classics, including Dracula or Frankenstein) and that spectators need more than ever to forget their sad daily life, to exorcise their anxieties, to scream in front of a screen, whether small or large.

Even before the health crisis, the apocalyptic color of recent years has probably fueled new authors, new approaches, new themes, for new media. Powerful works such as Hrdit, It Follows, Get out, The Witch or Midsummer, to name but a handful, have reassured about the still impressive health of the genre. For his 28e edition, the Grardmer Festival therefore offers a series of films as different as they are successful, haunted by killer insects, evil spirits on Zoom or killers who change their body as well as their shirt. In a year 2021 that promises to be rich in unmissable events to chatter your teeth, and not to miss any, Le Point Pop offers you a small guide to horror for the next twelve months. Ten outings to watch closely, whatever the screen, even if for some of them, no date has yet been set due to the context of theaters being closed. Between remakes, sequels and horror pearls, ask for the program and above all TREMBLE!

In a depressed seaside resort, a bigoted nurse, who thinks she is speaking directly to God, decides to save the soul of a patient with terminal cancer. Multiple awards at the 2020 Grardmer edition, Saint maud, the first film by a 30-year-old director, should have been released in theaters in December 2020. The health crisis and the closing of theaters have decided otherwise and it is a shame, as this descent into mental hell is a mess of everyone devils on the big screen. Fascinating from start to finish in its themes, the film includes an absolutely paralyzing sequence. For a few seconds that seem like an eternity, the viewer finds himself crucified in his chair, plunged into a gory epiphany. Big shock!

Soon on VOD

Presented at Grardmer 2021 in competition, The Cloud mixes economic horror and visceral horror. In a dilapidated provincial farm, a mother raises her two children and edible grasshoppers alone in an attempt to avoid bankruptcy. She fights daily to survive and soon forms a strange bond with her insects As with Hitchcock, Just Philippot, 38, gently raises the tension, suggests, then unleashes her mutant and killer locusts. Initially scheduled in our theaters in November 2020, The Cloud will have to wait for their reopening.

Soon in theaters

Worthy offspring of his daddy David, Brandon Cronenberg returns with a techno-thriller, both hypnotic and relentless, the story of an elusive killer who uses futuristic technology to take control of the mind and body of others in order to perpetrate his crimes. Full of openly gore and disturbing sequences, Possessor will he be Grardmers sensation?

Soon in theaters

Stronger than Saw 6 or Saw 7 (the clever little fans of heartbreaking puns had a lot of fun with these two titles), this ninth part is directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (author of opuses 2, 3 and 4) on an idea from the comic Chris Rock. This one plays a police lieutenant who is investigating a series of macabre murders, whose modus operandi strangely recalls that of a notorious serial killer The great Samuel L. Jackson is part of the adventure and the director promises the Most abominable sequence in the history of the saga Saw . Its possible ?

In theaters May 13

Director of 300 and superhero movies like Watchmen or Batman vs Superman, Zack Snyder returns to his first love: the zombie movie. Indeed, 16 years after his first feature film Army of the dead, remake of Zombie by George A. Romero, he orchestrates a zombie invasion in Las Vegas, while a group of mercenaries, led by Dave Bautista, decides to attempt the robbery of their lives.

Coming soon to Netflix

Efficient and smart, the first Without a sound plunged the viewer into a post-apocalyptic world where a few survivors risked being attacked at the slightest noise by slimy and voracious creatures. After the heros dramatic death at the end of the first installment, Emily Blunt and her three children including a baby! must face the monsters and cross the enigmatic Cillian Murphy, who happily gives up his cup to the bowl of Peaky Blinders.

In theaters September 21

After his Cornetto trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The Last Ad before the end of the world) and Baby Driver, British filmmaker Edgar Wright returns with a film in the form of a nightmare. Passionate about fashion, a young girl manages to travel to the London of the 1960s where she meets her idol, a singer in the making. But time seems to crumble, with obscure consequences Heroine of Ladys game, Anya Taylor-Joy is the heroine of this psychological thriller in the lineage of classics such as Repulsion and of Dont look back.

In theaters April 28

From the imagination of Clive Barker, the bogeyman Candyman landed on the screens in 1992 in a plot in the form of a nightmarish tale where this African-American bogeyman ripped open his unfortunate victims with his rusty hook, as soon as his name was repeated five times in front of a mirror. Almost 30 years later, he returns in this remake produced by Jordan Peele, the director of Get Out or Us. And haunts an insanitary city in the suburbs of Chicago, with its hook still so sharp.

In theaters August 25

Six friends hire a medium for a spiritualism session on Zoom. But the situation escalates very quickly: an evil spirit enters the scene. Jump scares (expression well known to amateurs for a moment of brutal fear in a film), paranormal activities, this immersive nightmare has been a hit since its broadcast on the Shudder platform, the horror streaming service. Presented in competition at Grardmer, this British horror film, shot during confinement, promises to be one of the highlights of the festival.

Twelfth film of the saga, Halloween Kills is the direct continuation of Halloween from 2018, still with David Gordon Green behind the camera. Following the tempo of John Carpenters music, Jamie Lee Curtis once again faces the masked killer in this part that we are promised gore and ultraviolent. Note that this Jason Blum production will be followed in 2022 byHalloween Ends, shot with the same team.

In theaters October 20

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Cinema: top 10 horror and horror in 2021 - Inspired Traveler

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