Crack At it Again – Brewster Suspect Arrested in Danbury, Again –

According to a press release from the Danbury Police Department, three suspects were arrested on drug charges on Wednesday (4/6/22).

The Danbury Police Department Patrol Division, (SID) The Special Investigations Unit and the DEA Drug Enforcement Agency have been looking into illegal drug sales at area hotels, and they say they identified a suspect of interest named Peter Vetere.

Vetere was apprehended and arrested only a month ago, at that time authorities say they found him in possession of a handgun, Fentanyl, crack and meth. He was arrested and released on a hefty bond of $250,000.

Authorities believed Peter Vetere of Brewster, NY was back at it, and obtained search and seizure warrants for his person, vehicle and the hotel he was staying in. Cops also identified two other suspects during the investigation Kathleen McKinney and Amanda Fitzgerald.

When it came time to serve the warrants, they approached Vetere's vehicle in a Danbury hotel parking lot and served the warrants to Vetere who was in his vehicle and found Kathleen McKinney in the passenger seat. The press release states that a search of the vehicle turned up Fentanyl and crack cocaine and Vetere had more drugs and cash ($1341) on his person.

When cops say they searched Vetere's hotel room, they found Amanda Fitzgerald, more crack cocaine, ecstasy pills and Fentanyl.

The suspects were all arrested and face the following charges:

Arrested: Peter Vetere age 49 502 Driftway Lane, Brewster, NY


Arrested: Amanda Fitzgerald age 29, 78 Federal Road, Danbury, Ct.


Arrested: Kathleen McKinney age 56 9 Flintlock Drive, Danbury, Ct.


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Crack At it Again - Brewster Suspect Arrested in Danbury, Again -

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