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Edgar Wright's movies are beloved by fans but which of them did the best with audiences at the box office?

Edgar Wright is one of the most creative and energetic directors of our time, generating strong critical reviews and deep respect within the movie industry for his original and and well-made films. Wright is primarily known for his comedy and frenetic editing style, with most of his films containing a fast pace and unique editing flourishes that help elevate his material above his contemporaries.

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But sometimes critical reception does not align with commercial performance and popularity. Wright is not a blockbuster director, and even the blockbusters he has directed have performed modestly. As such, the commercial performance of his films may prove surprising.

Wright had previously worked with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost on the Channel 4 sitcom Spaced. It was while working on Spaced that Wright perfected his signature directorial style, and the sitcom was given a far more cinematic flair than its contemporaries. It was also deeply rooted in pop culture references - a theme that would carry over into Wright's future movie work. His major directorial debut was 2004's Shaun of the Dead - a parody zombie film that carried over much of the Spaced team, including Wright, Pegg, Frost, and producer Nira Park.

The movie was made for $6 million, and despite little marketing or brand awareness, the movie spent three weeks in the US top ten, generating $9.3 million. It finished its domestic run with $13.4 million. It performed similarly well in the international market, grossing an additional $16 million for a combined $30 million.

Following Shaun of the Deadand Hot Fuzz, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost became household names, and each went their separate ways. Frost and Pegg became big-time actors (with Pegg appearing in the likes of Star Trek and Mission: Impossible films), and Wright going on to direct bigger-budgeted, mainstream Hollywood films. Luckily, they reunited in 2013 for The World's End, the third and final entry in the incredibly popular Cornetto trilogy.

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Unfortunately, the movie didn't perform nearly as well as Hot Fuzz. Made on a budget of $20 million, the movie spent just three weeks in the top ten before finishing with $26 million. The movie performed even worse in the international market, generating $20 million for a combined worldwide gross of $46 million. It was a decent performance for an original comedy about depressed middle-aged men entering a mid-life crisis, but when compared to Hot Fuzz (and considering its stellar cast), The World's End proved a bit of a commercial disappointment.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was supposed to be Edgar Wright's breakthrough into mainstream Hollywood. Based on Bryan Lee O'Malley'sseries of graphic novels, the movie stars Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim, a young adult who is forced to do battle with his girlfriend's ex-boyfriends. The movie is filmed much like a comic book, complete with exaggerated, cartoonish visuals, colorful visual effects, and Wright's traditional style of frenetic editing. The movie was made for a massive $85 million, but it proved a horrible flop at the box office (despite earning strong reviews from critics).

It opened at #5with just $10.6 million and spent just two weeks in the top ten before finishing with $31.4 million. It added an additional $16 million in the international market, combining for a total worldwide gross of $47.6 million. It was certainly not the hit that Universal was expecting, and it proved a disappointing performance for Wright's first blockbuster. Despite its relatively poor box office performance, the movie has since accumulated quite a sizable cult following, with many calling it an underappreciated classic of the comic book/action genre.

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