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This time last year, the world had gone more than 12 months without seeing a new Marvel movie. Just a few months back, no one had used the words 'squid' and 'game' right next to each other unless they were talking about cooking up a particularly impressive seafood dish. But 2021 has proven the year of both caped crusaders and a certain South Korean Netflix phenomenon and we all have the Google search history to prove it.

With the year coming to a close, the technology behemoth has revealed exactly what we've all been scouring the web for in 2021, and its film and TV lists provide quite the snapshot of everyone's viewing. When we were all eager to watch a flick, we went big, with franchises, familiar names and super-famous faces defining the top ten most-searched movies. When we were staying in it was another year filled with lockdowns, after all we threw plenty of love towards streaming platforms.

Topping the film list: Eternals, Chlo Zhao's addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and her first film after winning this year's Best Director Oscar for the immensely dissimilar Nomadland. It was closely followed by the long-delayed Black Widow, Timothe Chalamet-starring sci-fi remake Dune, more Marvel again via Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and Netflix's heist-fuelled action flick Red Notice.

Next came the new Australian-shot version of Mortal Kombat, the Emma Stone-led Cruella and the return of Michael Myers in horror sequel Halloween Kills, as well as monster melee Godzilla vs Kong and straight-to-streaming zombie film Army of the Dead.

When it came to the globe's binge-viewing for the year, Squid Game came in at number one likely not only because it's all anyone seemed to be watching in September and October, but because we all became so obsessed with it that, yes, we were all searching for every piece of information about it that we could find. It was followed by Bridgerton's period soapiness, WandaVision's trippy superhero dramas, Karate Kid spinoff series Cobra Kai and more Marvel (yes, again) thanks to Loki.

Also placing in the top ten: Netflix's Sweet Tooth and Lupin, the latter of which probably benefited from dropping its episodes in two batches; the streamer's Ginny and Georgia; South Korean series True Beauty; and Big Brother Brazil 2021.

If you haven't watched any of the above yet, consider this a catch-up list, too.

For further details about Google's 2021 trend lists, head to the Google Trends website.

Top image: Noh Juan, Netflix.

Published on December 10, 2021 bySarah Ward

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Google Has Revealed All the Movies and TV Shows We've Been Searching for in 2021 - Concrete Playground

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