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Demand for the release of the famed "Snyder Cut" ofJustice Leaguecontinues to rapidly grow, with more of the movie's cast and crew along with other high-profile names in the film industry voicing their support for it. The infamous reshoots implemented onJustice League, following Zack Snyder's departure from the movie in the wake of a family tragedy,took the film in a drastically different directionfrom what Snyder had intended. While the grassroots campaign for the release of Snyder's original version of thefilm began in the immediate aftermath of its theatrical release, recent developments have seen mainstream interest for it simply explode.

Owing to recent interviews with Jesse Eisenberg, Junkie XL, and Jason Momoa, the Snyder Cut has reached a never-before-seen level of public awareness and media attention. To be sure, Snyder himself has kept the fire stoked with regular teases of his version of Justice League on social media, while Momoa has confirmed to have seen the Snyder Cut himself,saying"I think the public needs to see it."However, the number of people directly involved with the making of Justice Leagueopenly advocating for the Snyder Cut's release has begun to dramatically increase.

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What's more, the topic has now risen to such a level of public prominence that even major celebrities notconnected to Justice Leaguehave added their voices to what is becoming a thunderous demand for the release of Snyder's cut of the movie. Multiple actors and filmmakers associated with various Marvel adaptations have jumped into the conversation on social media, while an entire slew ofcelebritiesfrom other industries have also voiced their own support for it, giving Zack Snyder's version of Justice League a massive boost in visibility.Here are the celebrities who have publicly supported the Snyder Cut's release.

The push for the Snyder Cut's release saw a seismic shift this weekend when Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck both took to social media to officially support its release, with Gadot also releasing a still from the movie. Thetopic also received supportive social media posts from Cyborg actorRay Fisher,Suicide Squad director David Ayer, and former DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson. Additionally, a variety of people connected to other DC properties would make their support for the Snyder Cut's release known, includingYahya Abdul-Mateen II,Damon Lindelof(who also alluded to having been privy to it), and Jesse Rath, along withSamantha Win and Christina Wren.

Further backing for the release of Snyder's version of Justice League would also come from Jackie Earle Haley(known for portraying Rorshach in Snyder's 2009 film Watchmen) and Justice League's deleted Ares actor Nick McKinless, while stunt coordinatorFreddy Bouciegueswould release fight rehearsal footage pertaining to Snyder's version of Justice League online, which was alsoshared on Instagram by stuntmanMatt Rugetti. Meanwhile, Ray Porter, whose role as Darkseid was removed from Justice League entirely, would also tweet the hashtag for the Snyder Cut's release, as would his fellow deleted cast member Sam Benjamin. On top of that,Joe Manganiellojoined the call for the release of the Snyder Cut, dropping never-before-seen photos from his cameo in the movie as Deathstroke on social media.

In addition the growing support the Snyder Cut is receiving from the DC stable, multiple actors and filmmakers attached to various Marvel properties have also begun to beat the drum for it. Particularly notable among them is Dave Bautista, who will also be seen in Snyder's upcoming zombie movie Army of the Dead(and like Lindelof also hinted to having seen it), while Simu Liu, set to portray the title character in Marvel's Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, also endorsed the release of Snyder's cut, while seemingly making a joking reference to the perceived DC and Marvel rivalry by adding the hashtag"ICanSayThatRight".

Additionally, Doctor Strange director Scott Derricksonretweeted a tweet by Snyder himself regarding Ben Affleck's support, and Stefan Kapicic, known for portraying Colossus in the Deadpool movies, also tweeted infavor of the Snyder Cut's release. The topic would also later receive more positive support from Josh Trank,director of 2015's Fantastic Four,along withZak Penn,screenwriter of numerous Marvel adaptations.

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The real signal of just how high the demand for the Snyder Cut's release hasrisen can be seen in the growing number of high-profile media figures (many of whom aren't even directly connected to the film industry) who have vocally backed the campaign for it on social media. This can be clearly seen in NBA player DeAndre Jordantweeting his support for the Snyder Cut a few days prior to the blitz in attention it would receive on the movie's two-year anniversary, and he would soon be followed by other big names.Mike Godwin, the famed creator of "Godwin's Law", would sharehis interest in the release of Snyder's cut of Justice League on Twitter, along with sports podcaster Dave DuFourand pop artist Butcher Billy.

Snyder's version of the movie has also receivedsupport in the comic book industry fromLee Bermejo, Brett Booth, and Rob Liefeld. Additionally, the two-year anniversary would see supportive tweets from CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez, graphic artist Boss Logic, and Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon.Footballguys.com writer Cecil Lammeythrew his hat into the ring, as would Indonesian filmmaker Joko Anwar, with WWE announcer Jon Quastoand actor/filmmaker Bobby Roe would both jumping into the growing Snyder Cut fray, as well.

With mainstream interest in the Snyder Cut having risen to unheard-of levels, it's certainly safe to assume at this point that the number of A-list stars and media figuresnow championingits release will continue to expand. It is also clear that Snyder's version of the movie receiving such high-profile supporters is sure to lead to continued growth in interest among general audiences, as well. At this point, everything comes down to how Warner Bros. will respond to the eruption in support Snyder's cut of the movie has seen, and while the studio has not made any immediate plans for an announcement of the release of the Justice League Snyder Cut, therapidly growing demand for it to see the light of day is something that Warner Bros. will very likely need to address in theimmediate future.

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