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When the PlayStation hit the scene, it had to compete with the Super Nintendo and Sega Dreamcast, twoconsoles from already established hotshots in the video game world. Nevertheless, Sony came out of the gates swinging. In spite of a flurry of licensing issues, development setbacks, and porting errors, the PlayStationwas a quick heavy-hitter, sporting franchises like Final Fantasy and the Chrono series.

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Expectations for the PlayStation 2 were, therefore, sky-high. If Sony could iron out the kinks in the hardware and software and repair their damaged relationships with certain developers, they'd be well on their way to surpassing the competition. Indeed, the PlayStation 2 was a huge leap forward, but there were still some issues that led to many cancellations of what would have been amazing games.

Those who recognize 100 Bullets from a comic book of the same name know their history. For exactly 100 issues, DCComics published the story of a group of innocent people, how they'd been wronged, and a mysterious organization that gave them the opportunity for revenge.

The video game would havehad a story like The Punisher, but with more political intrigue and moral quandaries. It could have been one of thebest third-person adventure games of all-time,pioneeringhuman shields and automatic headshots. After astounding those who played it at E3 in 2004, licensing issues delayed it. By the timethis was resolved, the PS3 was released and the game was left to waste.

Capcom has a tragic history of cancellations, enough to even have their own top ten list of nixed games.Capcom Fight All-Starswas ambitious, aiming to be a true 3D fighting experience and not just a 2D fighter with 3D graphics.

Afterplayers beta tested the game, the camera, controls, and fighting system were all a bit too complicated and clunky. Instead of swinging for the fences, putting in the work, and perhaps making a rival to Super Smash Brothers, Capcom bunted and gave up on the project.

George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead captivated and tortured the minds of adolescentsaround the world. After his continued success of Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead, publisher Hip Interactive thought it was time for a video game.

With guidance from the legendary director himself and cast from the movies in the game, City of the Dead was going to be a nightmarishly good time. The game would have been perfect for Halloween. Unfortunately for a small publisher like Hip, they ran out of money before they could finish.

Activision wanted to take advantage of the PlayStation 2's lofty capabilities in a big way. They found that it was possible to load an entire city into the game and then never have another loading screen again.

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The city, Eastport, and protagonist Jake would never get the chance to show what happens when a Grand Theft Auto style game mixes with a zombie population. Instead of being one of the best zombie games ever, Activision opted to play it safe with their other working titles.

UFO: Enemy Unknown was a game ahead of its time. It would eventually evolve into the incredible XCOM series after some twists and turns, but the studio, Mythos Games, saw the potential much earlier than anyone else did.

Unleashing the different tactical views, military decisions, and nail-chomping combat that makes the games so fun to play, thisproduct would have absolutely floored gamers. Unbelievably, no publisher saw the potential and the studio had to throw in the towel when they couldn't find one.

Before action RPGs like Diablo were inspiring people to claw through hell, another post-apocalyptic RPG was ready to set the standard. The game concept involved four traditional "sinners" left behind after the rapture.

Somewhere in between playing the horseman like in Darksiders and being a reformed believer like in Left Behind, the game would havepremiered an interesting balance of bad people fighting worse demons. Long past their successes with Terminator and Alien, 3DO ran went bankrupt and was unable to sell off the work done on the game.

Gamers are still discovering secrets in Planet Zoo, but the dinosaurs have yet to takeas prominent role as they did in Jurassic Park, a movie series that had the world clamoring for more, even as the third installment was set to hit the screens.

Originally begun by Vivendi, the game wanted to add a dash of Die Hard into the franchise. As payments broke down withdeveloper Savage, Konami stepped in and got the game completed, submitted, and even rated by the ESRB (Teen). Derailed by payroll errors since taking over, Konami decided they could no longer keep fighting and left the game to fade into memory.

Dante Alighieri's Inferno has been inspiring artists, writers, poets, and thinkers since it was completed in the year 1320. When video game consoles made their way into more households, it was only a matter of time until games like Darksiders used the literature for inspiration.

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The Lost would have beat Darksiders to the punch by eight years had things worked out. The production crew decided to upgrade to the next engine after being halfway completed. At the same time, Publisher Crave told the team they were moving the revenue model from a triple-A title to a budget release. The engine alone consumed all of thefunding and so the team hung up the gloves.

As Madden 20 viesto be the lowest-rated video game title ever, football fans will leaf through the history books and wonder how this could have been avoided. Rightas an exclusivity deal was signed in 2005 with EA, Sony Computer Entertainment San Diego was working on Road to Sunday.

Maddenwouldinfamously be judged aslazy and disappointing. Conversely,SCE San Diego would go on to make MLB The Show, a popular title among those who want to put themselves into a simulated baseball game. Heartbreakingly, the screenshots of Road to Sunday show an RPG-like leveling system, which has never been properly instituted into Maddenover the last fifteen years. Gamers can only anguish when considering what might have been for football video games.

The movie and TV series Tremors would have been a fantastic video game. With elements of Jaws, Alien, and Half-Life, the game would have been a groundbreaking, puzzle-solving, survival-horror smash hit.

Instead of meeting new characters, gamers were treated to a large helping of disappointment. The Graboids project was too big for Rock Solid Studios and they resigned to giving up one year after announcing the titledespite a year and a half worth of effort from their team.

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