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In the nearly three decades that they've existed, Korn have released 14 studio albums, which is quite an impressive catalog. They don't appear to be stopping anytime soon, so that number is only going to increase. But which of their albums is the best? That's what we want to hear from you in this week's Loudwire Nights Album of the Week poll.

You'll have until Friday at 12N ET to cast your votes. Well then play the threetracks from the album with the most votes during Loudwire Nights' Album of the Week block to start the following Monday's show!

Formed in 1993, Korn are known for spearheading the nu-metal movement, which became one of the dominating subgenres of rock and metal once the popularity of grunge started to subside in the middle of the '90s. Bass-slapping and scatting became trademarks of the band's sound, while dark subjects, including death, sex, child abuse and substance issues found their way into Jonathan Davis' lyrics.

Their self-titled debut came out in 1994, but 1996'sLife Is Peachyreally pushed the band toward mainstream success, as it debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200. Follow the LeaderandIssuesboth peaked at the top of the chart, and since then, every single one of their albums landed in the Top 10, except for this year'sRequiem.

Davis actually confirmed right before the release ofRequiemthat the band had already started working on its follow-up, so stay tuned for updates on that as well.

"That'll be album 15. It's nice being in a band with guys you get along with and you love. I get excited to write with the guys and a lot of people in bands that have been in bands as long as us, they hate each other they can't even be in the same fucking room," the singer told Music Feeds.

Head below to vote for your favorite Korn album, and tune into Loudwire Nights nextMonday at 7PM ET to find out which recordprevailed.

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Poll: What's the Best Korn Album? - Vote Now - Loudwire

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