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The writings been on the wall for some time in regard to reality star Christine Quinn's professional future. Her position as the sarcastic, outspoken co-worker at the real estate agency on Selling Sunset has been dwindling since the end of Season 3. The majority of her castmates refuse to directly engage with her, due to their past beefs, which hasnt been much of a problem anyway, given how Quinn was rarely seen in the office of late. But it was the Season 5 finale cliffhanger in which she didnt show up to a meeting with the bosses over a bribery allegation that made it seem like the axe was truly coming down. Now, its been confirmed that the notorious agent has officially exited the Oppenheim Group for good, but my question is, is that a good thing?

There were off-screen hints there as well regarding whether such a move was imminent. Not only was Christine Quinn taken off the brokerages official webpage this week but, her co-star Vanessa Villela told Page Six just recently that the spunky personality refused to film the reality shows first-ever reunion special for Season 5 with the rest of the cast. And an inside source for Us Weekly revealed that the Selling Sunset alum apparently remained steadfast in her personality until the end, saying:

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But again, is this a good thing? For the show, that is? On the one hand, it certainly opens the door for new stars and fresh storylines to enter the mix. Truth be told, it was kind of tiring how Christine Quinn was allowed to recycle the same issues over and over again, mostly from the periphery. I had the same gripe about The Real Housewives of Salt Lake Citys Mary Cosby, who also operated from the sidelines with her shady commentary and refusal to attend key events but got a lot of screentime for doing so.

Nevertheless, its no question that a personality like Christine Quinns was a TV gold mine. Her one-liners, her outlandish fashion choices and, yes, her touted villainy (which she blamed on Netflix and the edit for portraying) was a huge part of Selling Sunsets popularity. Without her, that only leaves Chrishell Stause (and her perceived annoying personality by fans) and Emma Hernan (with her complicated, Ben Affleck-related dating history) to carry the baton. And Im not entirely sure thatll be enough. In essence, no one else on the cast even comes close to Quinns level of charisma on screen.

Netflix and the Oppenheim Group might just be scrambling to find some kind of replacement, if it is indeed true that their headliner left of her own volition. But whatever the case may be, she has already moved onto other endeavors herself. She announced on Twitter, in fact, not long after the Season 5 premiere, that she was opening her own cryptocurrency brokerage. Some fans are even speculating that she might get a standalone reality series, to boot.

So whether you loved to hate her or hated to love her, Christine Quinn is clearly outtie 5000 when it comes to Selling Sunset. And it remains to be seen if its the best thing in the long run for the hit streaming series. Check back here for further news on the situation and the remaining shows on the 2022 Netflix TV schedule!

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Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn Has Officially Exited The Oppenheim Group, But Is That A Good Thing? - msnNOW

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