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Video games have the unique ability to put you in the shoes of someone else, which also means they have the ability to scare the crap out of you like no other medium. From the escalating psychological torment Silent Hill 2 throws your way, to the good old fashioned heart-in-the-mouth scares dished out the original Resident Evil, there are a lot of genuinely terrifying moments in video games. There are plenty to choose from, but we've whittled it down to ten of the best.

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Even though you eventually knew it was coming, the thunderous footsteps and overwhelming size of the dinosaur, accompanied by that sudden, frantic, string-based score, still terrified every time.

The fast zombies were not only horrifying to look at, but they were incredibly agile and unlike anything Half-Life 2 previously set up for player expectations. Stranded on the rooftop while the horrible sounds of howling, grotesque gargling noises and witnessing the pipes attached to the buildings structure rumble as the fast zombies climbed their way up to lunge right at the players face made that elevators eventual rise to the top floor feel like an eternity.

Staring at the mirror, the player will begin to see what looks like blood vessels crawling all over the floor inside of the reflection, which begin making their way inside of a sink before spilling out into the world. The door leading to the exit is locked as the floor, Heathers reflection in the mirror freezes in place, and the entire room is engulfed with what appears to be mutating flesh and blood before it eventually kills Heather. Its one of the most eerie moments in the Silent Hill series, and one its fans will never forget.

The hole becomes just another part of the background as Isaac retraces his steps again and again trying to put the Ishimura aright. Until, that is, the jack-in-the-box finally POPs and the player's treated to an terrifying quicktime event, then has to make some precision shots or risk becoming become cthulu-food.

But How did the alien hear you in the first place? Well, its listening through the controller mic. And those early deaths that come when the Xeno re-enters right after you thought you were in the clear are some of the most frightening scares in the game- that is, until the player realizes their bugged and they need to stay quiet to survive.

And those are our favorite scares in gaming - what made you shriek the loudest? Let us know in the comments, and for more scarily fun reads, check out how PT became a modern urban legend in its own right, or

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The Most Terrifying Scares in Video Games - IGN Southeast Asia

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