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American actor Tony Anthony brokered an American release for three Italian Westerns he produced and starred in through his friendship with the aforementioned Allen Klein, who, as a major shareholder with MGM, arranged for the studio to issue the films in theU.S. between 1966 and 1975. All three films concerned the Stranger, a spoof of sorts on Clint Eastwood's character from the Sergio Leone'sDollarsTrilogy. Few Americans, if any, saw the fourth Stranger film, Get Mean, which slipped in and out of drive-ins in 1975 and didn't get a home video release until 2015.

Get Mean'sobscurity is unfortunate because it'scompletely, hilariously, and deliberately out to lunch in every frame. In this flick, the Stranger appears to travel to an alternate reality, where he escorts a princess back to her castle in Spain, which is somehow under assault by both Vikings and Moors. As usual, much of the humor in Get Mean comes from watching the Stranger take his licks. He's hung upside down and roasted on a spit before deciding to (you guessed it) get mean, which entails single-handedly taking on both the Vikings and the Moors with the help of his four-barreled shotgun.

A film as outrageous as Get Mean is hard to beat, but Anthony certainly tried with his subsequent efforts, which included a 3D Western, Comin' at Ya!, and a berserk Raiders of the Lost Ark carbon copy called Treasure of the Four Crowns.

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The Weird Old West: Horror And Fantasy-Themed Westerns - Looper

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