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Zombie movies! Ravenous monsters, dragging their legs, andgiving us all something to dress as on Halloween for almost 100 years now. Soundslike a few people you know, right? The very first zombie movie was released in1932 and it was called White Zombie.In the story, a young woman undergoes the transformation from human to walkingdead via an evil voodoo doctor. This may challenge the stigma of what a zombieis, but in fact, so does history.

According to folklore (especially Caribbean) a zombie isjust a corpse revived by witchcraft. Popular culture has twisted this meaninginto an infected flesh-eating reanimated corpse. It wasnt until about the1970s that witchcraft was taken out of the picture. Today, the actualdefinition of a zombie is quite vague and varies. But we do knowthey are theperfect subject for a blockbuster flick. So, lets take a look at the mostamazing zombie movies that every undead fan should watch!

World War Z mightjust be the most revolutionary zombie film of the decade. So great, that avideo game was just released in April of 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in itshonor. But back to the 2013 movie. Who knew Brad Pitt could shine in a such afilm?

The movie surrounds the search for not necessarily the cure, but the cause of the zombie apocalypse. Though the zombies intently work together! Its not about surviving, but ratherscience. Unlike most films of its kind, World War Z makes everything make sense, in particular Brad Pitts devotion to his family. However, if youre just looking for a bloody zombie shoot-em-up movie, then look elsewhere.

What happens when a monkey starts the zombie apocalypse?Sounds like a slapstick comedy horror, but it is far from it. A mismatchedgroups retold journey to a gated community in hopes that they will be takenin, 28 Days Later has become quitethe classic.

Though many consider the ending disappointing, the original ending was deemed too depressing to stick with. One of them follows The Walking Dead theory of main character is in a coma and its all a dream. But the other involves a sacrifice to great to bear.

How can one movie about the dead be such a feel-good flick? This movie defies everything weve ever thought weve known about zombies. What if zombies werent evil? What if they were just trying to get through life like everyone else? What if the dead fell in love with the living? What if we didnt know who was dead and who was alive? What if there were twists that we could have never predicted? If you never watch another out-of-the-box zombie movie, watch Warm Bodies first.

Though Quarantine is a nice suspenseful flick, [REC] is the original and it is quite a bit better (and much more intense) than Quarantine. Plus, there are currently 3 movies in the [REC] film series. The whole movie is seen from the cameras point of view, which is totally crazy and adds to the thrill factor as it is almost like watching it in first person. If you just cant watch foreign films, enjoy Quarantine. But if you are into Spanish films, watch the first [REC], you wont regret it.

Can anyone argue with the fact that Train to Busan is absolutely perfect? What happens when theres a zombie outbreak on a train? Eek! And what if the entire army that is meant to save you has already turned? This Korean film makes you want to watch more Korean films in hopes of finding another gem like it. Train to Busan does more than strengthen the bond between father and daughter, it strengthens our bond to them as well. Yeah, we dont want them to get eaten.

Is any zombie movie list complete without Night of the Living Dead? White Zombie may be the original zombie film, but every film made after 1970 drew inspiration from Night of the Living Dead. Everything we know about zombies was learned from this movie. George A. Romero is a genius, and this is the first time he proved it.

The Evil Dead hasbrought on the most discrepancy as to what a zombie film is. Is it a zombiefilm or demon possession film? According to lore, it is both. The Necronomiconis obviously dark magic, which is exactly what any folklore says zombies are. Eitherway, the 1981 film was way ahead of its time.

Food for Thought: what if all zombies are just corpses possessed by demons? Ever think about that?

Although it may not be the best film of the 2017, something about Cargo is just so gritty and human. This Australian film is about a fathers love for his daughter. It isnt about how to not get bit, but the importance of the time you have left. Martin Freeman (The Hobbit) is absolutely stunning as well! Its pretty cool to see an eerily intense zombie film rather than a loud, gory, mess of fun.

Again, is this a zombie film? Or are these monsters something else entirely? The movie considers them hemocytes or Darkseekers. Which are originally cancer survivors, who like Deadpool, cant die now. The species is very intelligent and engaging. Although there is a discrepancy as to whether they are zombies or vampires, I Am Legend is too perfect not to mention. I mean we owe that to Dog, right?

Now this is quite the zombie film! Who knew that childrenwere so much more frightening than adults? Just when you think youve figuredthe plot out, the old bait-and-switch swoops you up and takes you somewhereelse. The movie is disturbing the entire way through, even heartwarming at times,making it the most quintessential new generation zombie flick!

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