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From Middle English top, toppe, from Old English top (top, highest part; summit; crest; tassel, tuft; (spinning) top, ball; a tuft or ball at the highest point of anything), from Proto-West Germanic *topp, from Proto-Germanic *tuppaz (braid, pigtail, end), of unknown ultimate origin.

Cognate with Scots tap (top), North Frisian top, tap, tup (top), Saterland Frisian Top (top), West Frisian top (top), Dutch top (top, summit, peak), Low German Topp (top), German Zopf (braid, pigtail, plait, top), Swedish topp (top, peak, summit, tip), Icelandic toppur (top).

The sense of a spinning toy is separated from this, obscurely related to Dutch top and dop in this sense, against Standard Dutch tol, and French toupie having this sense.

top (countable and uncountable, plural tops)

His kite got caught at the top of the tree.

But then I had the [massive] flintlock by me for protection. [] The linen-press and a chest on the top of it formed, however, a very good gun-carriage; and, thus mounted, aim could be taken out of the window at the old mare feeding in the meadow below by the brook,[].

To mount the V8, I simply placed it on its top, and then prepped the mobo/CPU for installation (applied thermal compound).

We flipped the machine onto its top.

Further weather information can be found at the top of your television screen.

Headings appear at the tops of pages.

Put a top on the toothpaste tube or it will go bad.

I bought this top as it matches my jeans.

I like this pyjama top.

All the stored vengeances of Heaven fall / On her ungrateful top!

The patio is at the top of my garden.

The shop is at the top of my street.

The boy was amazed at how long the top would spin.

to be at the top of one's class, or at the top of the school

And wears upon his baby brow the round / And top of sovereignty.

After drawing their first game in Kiev the Potters are now top of Europa League Group E ahead of back-to-back games with Maccabi Tel-Aviv.

I prefer being a top, and my boyfriend prefers being a bottom.

Running up a check, I'ma drop the topBaby gimme neck, you know I want some topYou ain't tryna fuck, then baby don't just stop

I get some top in my coupe []Look at yo bitch she gon' chooseShe gon' give me top (on my block Avenue)

I just bought a new Ferrari off the lot,said she a virgin but she wanna give me top,she need some money so she call my phone a lot,I picked it up and then I told that bitch to stop.

Man chingy chingy on opps,catch ringy ringy, want lotsAnd clingy, clingy, got dotsShe is a bad b, she gives tops

His bitch gave me some top, and now he wanna send me threats

I like gettin' top (Ooh), Ilikedrivin' coupes []Yeah I got Erza Scarlet tryna fuck (Yeah, ooh)Gettin' top and watching Crunchyroll

Just got some topfromthis stripper bitch,she from Kankakee

She asked to give me some top and Im downHead feeling loose cos Im lit off the brown

Im in a wraith with a thot, she gon give me some top, cause my music a bop, aye

She sang at the top of her voice.

I made a speaking trumpet of my hands and commenced to whoop Ahoy! and Hello! at the top of my lungs. [] The Colonel woke up, and, after asking what in brimstone was the matter, opened his mouth and roared Hi! and Hello! like the bull of Bashan.

There was one pair of boots in particular a jolly, good-tempered, hearty-looking, pair of tops, that excited our warmest regard

What is wanted is just the reverse - i.e top or overspin, which causes the ball to revolve in the direction in which it is going.

[] but with only three other tables on the patio apart from myself two three-tops and a five-top it's hard to imagine what the holdup is.

It is uncanny how a server can stand in front of a ten top, without the safety net of pen and paper, and remember every item ordered by each guest including salads, []

Terms derived from top (noun)

uppermost part

uppermost part of a visual field

lid, cap, cover

garment worn to cover the torso

BDSM: dominant partner in a BDSM relationship or roleplay

gay sexual slang: gay man who likes to penetrate in sex

Translations to be checked

top (third-person singular simple present tops, present participle topping, simple past and past participle topped)

I like my ice cream topped with chocolate sauce.

Titanic was the most successful film ever until it was topped by another Cameron film, Avatar.

Well, my legitimate, if this letter speed, / And my invention thrive, Edmund the base / Shall top th' legitimate. I grow; I prosper

The HSDT team, however, had some work to do, although by the end of 1972 the power car interior had been adjusted and BR had agreed to 'double-manning' with extra pay when speeds topped the ton. [exceeded 100 mph]

Celine Dion topped the UK music charts twice in the 1990s.

I don't want to be bald, so just top my hair.

Top and tail the carrots.

Topping depletes the tree of stored energy reserves and reduces the tree's ability to produce energy, as a large percentage of the leaves are removed.

Depression causes many people to top themselves.

I used to be a slave, but I ended up topping.

Giving advice to the dominant partner on how to run the BDSM session is called "topping from the bottom".

lofty and topping mountains

topping passions

to top aniline black with methyl violet to prevent greening

to cover on the top or with a top


Translations to be checked

top (not comparable)

She's in the top dance school.

He's a top lawyer.

That is a top car.

In a thread called Calm Before the Storm, and in subsequent posts, Q established his legend as a government insider with top security clearance who knew the truth about a secret struggle for power involving Donald Trump, the deep state, Robert Mueller, the Clintons, pedophile rings, and other stuff.

Terms derived from top (adjective)

top (not comparable)

She came top in her French exam.

Borrowed from Ottoman Turkish (top).

topm (indefinite plural tope, definite singular topi, definite plural topet)

Inherited from Proto-Turkic *top.

top (definite accusative topu, plural toplar)



Declension of top


From Old Norse toppr, from Proto-Germanic *tuppaz.

topc (singular definite toppen, plural indefinite toppe)

From Middle Dutch top, topp, from Old Dutch *topp, *top, from Proto-West Germanic *topp, from Proto-Germanic *tuppaz.


topm (plural toppen, diminutive topjen)


Borrowed from English top.

topm (plural tops)

top (feminine toppe, masculine plural tops, feminine plural toppes)


Borrowed from English top.

top (not comparable)


Borrowed from English top.

topm (invariable)


From Old English topp, toppa, from Proto-West Germanic *topp.

top (plural toppes)


From Turkish top, from Ottoman Turkish (top).


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