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Several details regarding AMC's upcoming remake of Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire have reportedly leaked and tease some big changes for the new adaptation. The project, which will tell the story on the small screen in a serial format, will follow journalist Daniel Malloy, whose career has suffered many ups and downs, and is given a second chance to interview a vampire named Louis de Pointe du Lac.

While this general outline sounds very similar to both the source material and the 1994 big screen adaptation starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, there are several clues throughout further plot details and character descriptions which suggest major changes to come. First of all, the series will be anchored very much in the modern day, with the outline even making mention of the ongoing global situation which has resulted in Malloy becoming "a professor teaching an online class." The reason why the journalist needs a second chance to conduct the titular interview is because "Daniel's drug use inhibited his professionalism during the first interview so he knows he needs to conduct it the right way this time." Another departure from the novel.

Daniel Malloy will be one of the lead characters in the Interview with the Vampire series, and casting is rumored to be looking for a "60-70-year-old man and it is open ethnicity. Daniel Malloy is described as slight, but with a huge chip on his shoulder. Malloy is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winning investigator journalist who works for the San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, and The Guardian."

The show's other lead character, Louis de Pointe du Lac, will also go through some changes from page to screen, with casting looking specifically for a 33-year-old Black actor for the role. Louis De Ponite Du Lac is described as "Creole, beautiful, eyes are brilliant green. His skin is smooth, as if sculpted from Ceylon ebony." The vampire has also been changed from a plantation owner to an owner of several brothels.

"Although Louis appears to be 33 years old, he is in truth 146," the character description continues. "Louis maintained a veneer of self-assuredness and pride through hubris and belligerence. And while respected by many he was disregarded by his wealthy counterparts for his skin color. "For truth and reconciliation" Louis de Pointe du Lac calls upon Daniel Malloy, an investigative journalist, to finally tell his true tale."

The role of Louis de Pointe Du Lac is also reportedly for a 2-year deal, suggesting that, should AMC's Interview with the Vampire be a success, there will be more to come.

While this is mere speculation at this time, everything here sounds very plausible, and though some of these changes are likely irk some fans of Anne Rice's novel, they have the potential to add entirely new dynamics to the already captivating story. Besides, without some changes, we'd all just be watching the same things over and over again and really, who wants that?

Interview with the Vampire will consist of 8-episodes and is being executive produced by Jessica Held and Mark Johnson, with Rolin Jones attached to write the series. The upcoming drama series is scheduled to begin production in November 2021 and wrap in April 2022 with locations including New Orleans, Paris, and Eastern Europe. This comes to us courtesy of The Illuminerdi.

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