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With 2021 coming to an end, were all looking forward to all the new movies and shows coming in the new year. 2022 promises to bring a lot more of our favourites to the big and small screen. As well as many brand new content as well. And now weve got even more excitement coming with the new Funimation winter 2022 anime line-up! The anime streamer recently announced their latest new and continuing anime that we will be getting in the new year.

So check out all the new and returning anime content exclusively on Funimation in 2022.

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The brand new show from Aniplex showcases a different kind of Tokyo. A man-made floating island now occupies Tokyo Bay, creating a new city in and of itself. A bustling city with its own problems, a deadly incident one day changes everything. And now, three of the citys residents, best friends themselves, have to deal with the future of the new city. Complicating things is a mysterious phone call from the beyond. This new series looks dramatic and exhilarating. Its fun and action packed and the pacing seems very fast paced. Itll be interesting to see how this one plays out, and what the main hook of the show really is.

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On the lighter side of anime, taking a break from the dramatic and fantastical is Sasaki And Miyano. The love story of two boys, discovering their feelings for one another looks very endearing and heartwarming. A Funimation exclusive, the anime series features the usual tropes of the genre, with some new refreshing twists. The two teasers reveal a show thats enticing as much as it is interesting.

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Another Funimation exclusive is the new Fantasia Sango Realm Of Legends. The anime comes from a video game series. The new anime series looks to bring to serialized storytelling to the plot of the game in this new adaptation. The story is set in Three Kingdoms infested with demons and monsters. However, four new heroes rise to the challenge, put aside their differences and take on these monsters. Itll be interesting to see if Fantasia Sango can do for the Funimation Winter 2022 Anime lineup that Arcane recently did for Netflix. In terms of being an anime based on a video game series, I mean.

Funimations winter 2022 Anime lineup features many of their exclusive content. Yet another one is an awesome genre mashup of epic proportions. In a Neo-Tokyo in the future, society gets broken up amongst the youth of the city. Calling themselves tribes, they begin to, I assume, skirmish amongst one another. So much so that a new law comes into force to have the tribes settle their differences through an extreme form of baseball. I cant help but think of this as West Side Story in anime and with sports instead of songs.

The trailer looks incredible with a blend of fantasy, post-apocalyptic flair and, of course, sports action! While the rules of this extreme baseball arent clear yet, it still looks incredible! With electronic catchers mitts, tech-enhanced bats and balls, Tribe Nine is a show Im really looking forward to.

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When something called Rust ravages all of Tokyo, its up to two boys to find the magic mushroom that can save everyone. The new show sounds like it has a simple premise, but post-apocalyptic worlds rarely are. The two boys, one young and inexperienced and the other looking like a warrior, embark on a journey where their paths cross with many interesting people. As they try to save their world, they find out more about this Rust, and whos behind it all.

The trailer looks intruiguing and clearly has an arc for the major characters. And most of all, the energy look very frantic. The two main characters are clearly well defined, with their differing qualities eventually leading to a great comradery. And the other side characters looks surprisingly interesting, and the mysterious hook of it all creates even more anticipation.

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The Case Study Of Vanitas is another anime focused on Vampire hunting. While Castlevania did new and innovative things with the concept of vampires, Vanitas feels more traditional. The show is about a vampire hunter teaming up with a human doctor. The doctor claims to have found the cure to Vampirism. While not trusting him, the vampire hunter still teams up with him to take on the vampire race. Along with other more dangerous threats awaiting them on this journey, obviously.

It looks like more video game to anime adaptations are on the way with Tales Of Luminaria. The biggest difference here though is that the original game source material hasnt been released yet. The mobile game looks to release sometime in 2022, from Bandai Namco Entertainment. But what little weve seen, it looks gorgeous. The story follows two kingdoms with differing ideologies, during a time where giant mountain-sizes beasts are worshipped. While one kingdom focuses on the revering of these creatures, another advances in technology. The story sees these two kingdoms as war erupts between them. The teaser looks incredibly cinematic and the animation style is stunning!

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Theres even more new anime to look forward to in the new year with shows like season 2 of Arifureta: From Commonplace to Worlds Strongest, She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man, The Genius Princes Guide To Raising A Nation Out Of Debt, Akebis Sailor Uniform, How A Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kingdom and My Dress-Up Darling.

While the above mentioned are all the new shows coming to Funimation in Winter 2022, there are existing shows that look to continue their seasons. Series that have already premiered will carry over into the new year, like Yashahime: Princess Half-Demons second act. Not to mention the even more acclaimed Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaibas Entertainment District Arc. Others shows also continuing in 2022 are Platinum End, Ranking Of Kings and the long-running One Piece.

Recently, Crunchyroll and Funimation merged and became one. So when taking a look at both Funimation and Crunchyrolls winter 2022 anime line-up, there is definitely a lot of overlap. However, what stands out are the originals from each company. Looks like both the Crunchyroll originals are seemingly staying on that app, while Funimations remains on theirs. Time will tell if both streamers merge their apps and content at any time in the future. It would only. make sense, in my opinion. Especially given that their licensed content catalogue is more or less the same, with some minor exceptions.

Which of Funimations winter 2022 anime lineup are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below.

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