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Legacies Season 3 left Hope facing down Malivore once again. And knowing that only a tribrid can truly bring the monster down, some fans of the CW series wonder if Hope will finally embrace her vampire side in season 4.

Legacies is connected to The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, and it features several characters from those previous shows. Hope was introduced in The Originals as the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Haley Marshall-Kenner. She is a tribrid a witch, werewolf, and vampire who inherited her parents abilities.

However, while Hope utilizes her witch and werewolf natures, she has yet to turn into a full vampire possibly because it would require her to die first. She has a few vampire qualities, like quick-healing and blood that can sire new hybrids and heal vampires from werewolf bites. Details of her vampire side havent been explored. And because someone like her hasnt existed, no one really knows what would happen if she became a full vampire.

In Season 1, Episode 16, Hope learns that she is the key to killing Malivore. As natures loophole, her blood is toxic to Malivore, and she could potentially kill him if she turns into a vampire.

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In the Season 3 finale, Hope reluctantly teams up with Landons Malivore half-brother Clarke. When Lizzie and Josie point out that Clarke was once their enemy, Hope says that shed rather get help from him than turn into a vampire.

As season 4 begins, if Hope doesnt find a way to kill Malivore who is now occupying Landons body she may have to turn into a vampire to get the job done.

In the trailer for Legacies Season 4, Landon is heard saying that the Malivore monsters will keep coming for Hope and her friends. After Cleo suggests the tribrid should have left when she had the chance, MG says he thinks Hope is going to die.

Just by MGs words alone, there is a chance Hope does actually die this season. And if she does, she may just get the vampire resurrection fans have been hoping for.

Legacies Season 3, which aired its makeshift finale on June 24, was cut because of pandemic-related delays. According to showrunner Brett Matthews, the season ended with its sixteenth episode but was originally scheduled for 20.

The true end of what should have been the season is episode 20, make no mistake, much like last season, he told Decider this past summer The season was built to be that. But in COVID times, we really built to every four episodes.

And so if the season werent going to end at episode 20, Matthews added. I am very happy it ends at 16 because its a real good one in that sense.

So, rather than take on a new story arc, the Legacies season 4 premiere will pick up where the last episode left off. Legacies returns to The CW with new episodes on Thursday, Oct. 14.

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'Legacies' Season 4: Will Hope Finally Embrace Her Vampire Side This Season? - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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