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Like any run-of-the-mill vampire, the "Twilight" vampires must feed on blood to survive. However, the Cullen family is unique because they are considered "vegetarians." Not in the traditional sense, of course, but they choose to only drink the blood of animals, as it's morally wrong to kill humans.

There are a few other vampires who subscribe to this lifestyle, though it's uncommon among vampires in this universe. Human blood is the most appetizing, and their instincts can be suppressed but never stopped. Whenever clumsy Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) sustains a skin-breaking injury, for example, temptation quickly rises and the Cullens struggle to leave her alone. Their vegetarian lifestyle is always an active choice, and it's not an easy one.

In keeping with vampire traditions, going without blood causes physical and mental deterioration. Because it's their only nutritional requirement, it's a necessity. The Cullens live in a wooded area where they have unlimited access to wild animals and the ability to feed undetected.

The smell and taste of human blood vary, appealing to some vampires more than others. Bella's blood is what draws Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) to her. "I wanted to kill you," he tells her. "I've never wanted a human's blood so much in my life."

Unlike other vampires, these Cold Ones don't have fangs. Their teeth are still a deadly weapon, but they lack perhaps the most obvious visual signifier that they're vampires.

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Rules Vampires Have To Follow In Every Twilight Movie - Looper

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