Scarlett Moffatt insists vampires walk among us and is convinced Richard Madeley could be one of them… – The Sun

SCARLETT Moffatt has insisted that vampires walk among us and that Richard Madeley could be one of them.

The 30-year-old is convinced the TV presenter, 65, could be a contender because hes not aged since he first appeared on our screens.


Speaking on Scarlett Wants To Believe about her latest bizarre theory, she said: "This is not me saying he is a vampire but I always think Richard Madeley is somehow drinking from the fountain of youth. Because that man has not aged in, like, 40 years.

Theres vampires walking among us. I dont know if they suck peoples blood but I think theyve somehow found the fountain of youth.

Scarlett's comment prompted her guest, 34-year-old radio host Chris Stark, to enquire just exactly whose blood Richard - who is married to fellow television presenter Judy Finnegan, 73 - has been sucking?


He said: Youve just suggested Richard Madeley is a vampire and he walks among us on our TV. Whose blood has he been sucking?

Richard was just 32 when he started presenting This Morning from its inception alongside Judy.

He is currently hosting Good Morning Britain for the month with Susanna Reid.



Its not the first time the former Googlebox star has surprised with her unusual ideas about things.

She previously claimed that Stonehenge was built by aliens and that there was clear evidence.

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Chatting on her podcast, she said how there is "talk" that aliens visited earth in "ancient times" to explain to humans the workings of the earth.

Scarlett explained she believes the rocks may have been placed to represent "mother Earth's vagina" as a fun game between the extra-terrestrials.

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Scarlett Moffatt insists vampires walk among us and is convinced Richard Madeley could be one of them... - The Sun

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