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These "teen" vampires are fully adults.

I saw Breaking Dawn Part 1 in theaters 10 years ago and I recently watched this great video about the first movie. I believe that's the extent of my Twilight experience.

The outfits...speak for themselves.

Also, yes that is a bag of eggs in front of Kellan Lutz.

Then he continues to STARE at her!!!! Red flag!!!!

But that little apple-catching trick thing he does is cool. The only time I've seen any reason to have a crush on him.

I'm not even going to touch the fact that apparently everyone else in the restaurant is thinking "money," "sex," or "cat."

They should be at school right now.

By the way, if a man ever said to me, "You're like my own personal brand of heroin," I would move states.

Oh, and at this point, she's already in love with him and it's been, like, a week.

Bella does not ask enough questions.

The Cullens are all white and the majority of them became vampires as youths, and it's never really addressed. Neither is the question of why Dr. Cullen hasn't turned more dying people into vampires.

And more of the Cullens should go with them in that car. Burlesque/Easy A vampire would be very outnumbered.

Oh, also, the baseball scene was great. Best part of the movie.

Don't even get me started on the little jacket she's holding.

There just happens to be a fairly empty beautiful gazebo right outside prom.

They got so serious about each other so quickly.

Shoutout to everything I don't have space to mention: Bella leaving her hair down in P.E., everything involving immediately-into-Bella Mike, how they always say, "The woman, Victoria," and the hilarious Edward vs. Jacob eye acting.

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So, I Just Watched "Twilight" For The First Time, And I Have 21 Very Important Questions - BuzzFeed

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