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In Vampire The Masquerade: Winter's Teeth #6, vampire enforcer Cecily Bain has a tough job. She's supposed to enforce the rules for a society that values getting away with breaking said rules. Vampires love their half-truths and leading information, and thanks to an unknown source, Cecily received some bad, bad news about the new vampire she mentors.

So, Cecily does what any reasonable person would do: After discharging her responsibilities, she goes out for a night off. This being comics, the night off doesn't go as planned.

Winter's Teeth delivers exactly what I want from a Vampire: The Masquerade story: politics complex enough to require the reader to pay attention, untrustworthy allies, and monstrous action. Writer Tim Seeley throws in a good old fashioned "I went to this bar thirty years ago, and it was a dive bar, but now it's well-heeled and expensive," too. Seeley probably snuck in a Hsker D reference I missed, too.

Penciller Devmalya Pramanik still has some work to do in terms of facial expressions and backgrounds, but they're largely pretty good. There are a couple of panels where they do a spectacular job, though. The image of a vampire drinking blood from a disposable coffee cup is a fun one, and I imagine that's Pramanik's work. Letterer Andworld does a cool effect where they reverse the word balloons on a mirror to mimic the sound bouncing off of the mirror.

I didn't care for the comic's second feature (The Anarch Tales by Tini Howard, Blake Howard, and Nathan Gooden), but I gave it another try with this issue and enjoyed it more than before.

With the price of comics going up and up, Vault offers a great deal with the Vampire: The Masquerade comic. A 20-page main feature that rewards re-reading, combined with an 8 page secondary feature, plus some backmatter that you can bring to a session of Vampire: The Masquerade, should you find one, for $4. Well, $3.99.

Lick the blood off your lipsthe next arc of Vampire: The Masquerade is here! After learning a disturbing fact about her fake childe's past, Cecily must keep her secrets close and Ali at arm's length. As she searches the streets of the Twin Cities for answers, a terrifying possibility surfaces: perhaps Ali has learned the Masquerade better than Cecily herself.

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Some Thoughts On Vampire The Masquerade: Winter's Teeth #6 - Bleeding Cool News

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