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There was a lot romance drama going on in Vampire Diaries. Much of it could have been solved if some characters decided on a polyamorous relationship.

One thingThe Vampire Diariesnever shied away from was love triangles. Almost every character was a part of one at some point and those that weren't usually ended upbeing drawn into the drama. Because of thenumber of options,viewerswere often divided over whichcharacters should be together.

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The intense development of each romance made nearly all of them appealing, and there wereseveral relationships that wereat their best when a third person was involved.Ifthe characters all agreed to be polyamorous, it could have stopped a lot of hearts from being broken.

Mary Louise and Nora's relationship had its fair share of ups and downs. Their different viewscreated a rift between them, but they loved each other more than anything. Bonnie became someone that Nora looked up to, and she gave her a second chance when no one else would. AfterBonnie joined Mary Louise and Nora on a road trip, it gave them all a chance to bond.The potential for a romance was there, as it wasclear that allthree of them could have something special.

Itwould bea bit odd if Elenaand Katherine wereinvolvedgiven that they're doppelgangers. There's also the detail that Katherine is Elena's ancestor. However, Stefanwasin love with Elena and Katherine at different points in his life, and fans weretornover who he should be with. The easiest thing for them all would be to engage in a vee relationship, with Stefan acting as the hinge partner. It could get confusing since it's nearly impossible to tell them apart, asituationwhich Katherine enjoys taking advantage of, but it's worth a shot.

Damon and Bonnieare best friends and Damon used to be friends with Enzo back in the day.Add in the fact that Bonnie and Enzo are in love with each other and it sounds like a recipe for success. There'salready a connectionbetween all three of them, and the group's chemistry is undeniable.

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Additionally, it would have been the perfect opportunity to give viewers the Bamon romance they'd been begging to see. Who said you had to sacrifice one for the other?And who knows? MaybeDamon and Enzo would start something up, as well.

At the beginning ofThe Vampire Diaries, it felt like Caroline was Bonnie and Elena's third wheel, more than anything else. But, throughout the series, they all developed an equal friendship that some fans wanted to see turn into more. All three women love each other, possibly more than anyone else in their lives, and the potential they would have is unmatched. They're the best trio on the show, so it's not surprising that viewers wanted the three of them to go in a romantic direction.

When Stelena appeared to be off the table,Delena faced a new competitor. Fansbecame attached to the hate to lovedynamicbetween Bonnie and Damon and many hopedtheir friendship would become a romance. It was conflicting since Damon and Elena have such a long history and Bonnie is Elena's best friend, but that could be the reasonthis arrangement works perfectly.Theprofound bond they all shareisn't something that should go to waste.

Caroline's love life was more complicated than even Elena's.Almost everyone ended up falling for her at one point or another. The majority of viewers felt that Caroline and Klaus were perfect for each other, but there was a good amount who disagreed.

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Given how entertaining thedynamic between Klaus and Stefan is, there's no reason they couldn't all be together. Besides, Caroline was the last person both men were with before they died, so this is a viable option for the afterlife.

There was a point in which Kai, Bonnie, and Damon were theonly people on Earth. Their time in the prison world wasn't enjoyable, but it did force them all to work together. Those who didn't take a liking to Bonnie and Damonhoped she'd hook up with Kai. It is difficult for Kai to feel any type of emotion for anyone, but he came back from hell with a changed heart, and if he stayed that way, it could've worked. Everyone onThe Vampire Diarieshad a murder spree at some point, so it seems reasonable to assume he could be forgiven.

When Jeremy was dating Bonnie, his deceased girlfriendappeared to him as a ghost.Anna wasn't able to stick around for long, but it could have been a beautiful opportunity forthe three of them to be together. Bonnie and Anna are the same at heart and they would have clicked if they'd had the time to get to know each other. Jeremy'sromance with Bonnie had some great moments, as did his romancewith Anna. There was so much potential forthemall to be in a happy, healthy relationship.

Carolinedeveloped a crush on Stefan the moment she saw him walk through the halls of Mystic FallsHigh School. At first, Elena was the only girl Stefan cared about, and while Caroline moved on she still held a torch for him. They would eventually end up together and the two marrying each other. Rather than feeling like she was in competition with Elena, they all could have engaged in a relationship together.Stefan had great chemistry with both ladies, and Caroline and Elena were best friends. They'd all get along perfectly, and Stelena and Steroline fans would be satisfied.

The love triangle between Damon, Elena, and Stefan was at the front and center ofThe Vampire Diariesfor seasons. There were instances when it felt as if Elena was datingthem at the same timebecause of how often she went back and forth. Obviously, Damon and Stefan wouldn't be together in this scenario, but it would have made much more sense if Elena ended up with both brothers. She was always afraid to choose one because she didn't want to lose the other. In this arrangement, that wouldn't be an issue, and neither Salvatore would be left heartbroken.

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