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The vampires in Twilight are unlike others in pop culture as each one has a different power, but what are the powers of the members of the Volturi coven, and who is the strongest one? Vampires are some of the most popular monsters in pop culture and the subject of many books, TV shows, and movies, but in 2005, a new and very different type of vampireswas introduced in the novel Twilight, written by Stephenie Meyer. Twilight was the first entry in a series of four books focused on the problematic romance between mortal Bella Swan and vampire Edward Cullen, who came across different obstacles throughout the whole series.

The success of the Twilight novels made it possible for them to make the jump to the big screen, and so The Twilight Saga was released between 2008 and 2012, with the final book, Breaking Dawn, divided into two movies. The Twilight Saga expanded the books fanbase and allowed fans to put a face to the characters they had come to know in the books, among those the Volturi. In the Twilight universe, vampires have special and unique powers depending on the traits and abilities they had when they were human, which are amplified once they are transformed into immortal beings. Vampires also live in covens, and the Volturi were the largest and most powerful one.

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The Volturi are the equivalent of royalty in Twilights vampire world, and consisted of five core members who led the rest of the coven, which was formed by a variety ofvampires with different roles within the group. In the movies, however, not all the Volturi members had enough screen time to display their powers and some werent even properly introduced, instead just being background characters, especially during the final battle in Breaking Dawn Part 2. But out of all those who had the chance to show their powers on the big screen, who is the most powerful one? Here are the powers of each Volturi member.

Aro (played by Michael Sheen) is one of the three leaders of the Volturi though often the one accepted as the overall leader of the coven. Aro is also one of the founders of the coven, along with Marcus, Caius, and the latters wife, Athenodora. Aro presents himself as optimistic and cheerful, but behind that mask is a man who craves power, a tactician, and a dangerously manipulative leader. Aro isnt the most skilled fighter, most likely because he has never had the need to fight, unlike many other vampires, but he does have a supernatural ability: tactile telepathy. All Aro needs to do is touch the subject and he will have access to that persons mind, but unlike Edward Cullen, he can go a lot deeper, reading every thought, feeling, and memory, and gathering information that the subject may want to hide and by reading Edwards mind, he can also access any other that Edward has ever read. However, as his power is mental-based, it can be blocked by Bellas power to shield, leaving him essentially powerless.

Marcus (Christopher Heyerdahl) is the other leader and founder of the Volturi clan, and the one who fell in love with Aros sister, Didyme, who was killed by Aro so Marcus would stay with the coven. This deeply impacted Marcus, who stayed with the coven but became quieter, apathetic, and more introverted. Marcus power is a very strange one, as he has the ability to recognize the types of relationships between people and their strong and weak spots. Through this, he can also sense if someones loyalty is weaker than someone elses or if a new bond is formed, which is very useful to Aro.

Caius (Jamie Campbell Bower) is the other leader of the coven and is actually the most ruthless of the three, even though he doesnt have supernatural powers. What caught Aros attention, however, was Caius ambition and passionate capacity to hate, which made it easy for Aro to manipulate him. Caius never shows mercy and always advocates for the most aggressive methods of handling situations, and is always in favor of executions. He especially enjoys watching Jane torture others, and he loves to abuse his power as a leader of the coven. Caius might not have any psychic powers, but his love for violence, torture, and hate makes him as dangerous as the rest.

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Jane (Dakota Fanning) is a high-ranking member of the Volturi guard and had a big presence in The Twilight Saga. She is the twin sister of Alec, and together are the covens most powerful offensive weapons. Janes ability is that of pain illusion, which basically deceives the mind of her target into believing that their body is being burned alive, thus experiencing the most intense pain there can be. Its not a surprise, then, that vampires are scared of Janes power, which along with her brothers are what make the Volturi almost invincible, as she came across a big obstacle in Bella and her shield power, through which Bella was able to protect her coven from Janes power.

Alec (Cameron Bright) is a member of the Volturi guard and Janes twin brother. Alecs power is sensory deprivation, meaning he can numb the senses of any person he focuses on, which combined with his sisters powers, make them the most valuable weapons the Volturi have, and they are often used in battle and to make others fear the coven. Alec can selectively or completely block the senses of one or more people at the same time, unlike Jane, who can only attack one person at a time however, Alecs power takes time to take effect, while Janes is immediate.

Demetri (Charlie Bewley) is a member of the Volturi guard with the ability to track people through the tenors or flavors of their minds, making him one of the covens biggest threats. Demetris power is stronger than that of James, as no matter where his target escapes, he always finds them however, he wasnt able to track Bella due to her mental shield.

Felix (Daniel Cudmore) is another high-ranking member of the Volturi guard, and just like Caius, he doesnt have a supernatural talent, but hes an important part of the coven when it comes to fighting. Felixs powers are all about his fighting abilities and physical strength (case in point, he fights Edward in New Moon), and Meyer has even stated hes the strongest vampire in the Twilight series (yes, more than Emmett Cullen). Felix can anticipate his opponents moves, so hes always one step ahead, though he can be incapacitated through a psychic gift, as are those of Jane and Alec.

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Twilight: Every Volturi's Powers Explained (& Who The Strongest Is) - Screen Rant

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