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What happens when you take one of the biggest movie stars on the planet and team him up with one of the highest-demand horror directors? You get Vampire In Brooklyn (WATCH IT HERE OWN IT HERE). Sadly, Eddie Murphy was doing his best to get out of his Paramount contract to make theNutty Professorfor a rival film studio. His antics on the set seemed to doom this movie from the start. Though Wes Craven tried to keep the film on point, the intervention from the studio and Murphy himself would throw things into turmoil. Join us as we delve into what went wrong with Wes Cravenand Eddie Murphys Vampire In Brooklyn on this episode of WTF Happened To This Horror Movie?

Directed by Wes Craven, and starring Eddie Murphy, Angela Bassett, Allen Payne, Zakes Mokae, and John Witherspoon, Vampire in Brooklyn has the following synopsis:

A ship docks in Brooklyn with all its crew dead, but someone gets off and the killing continues on land. A Caribbean vampire is searching for a specific woman, half-human half-vampire. Rita is the detective investigating the many killings.

This episode of WTF Happened to This Horror Movie was Written by Bryan Woldford, Narrated by Jason Hewlett, Edited by Juan Jiminez, Produced by Lance Vlcek and John Fallon, and Executive Produced by Berge Garabedian.

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Vampire in Brooklyn (1995) WTF Happened to This Horror Movie? -

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