‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Season 3 Teaser Peddles a Nice Bone, an Evil Bucket, and More – /FILM

Were just over a month away from seeing the triumphant return of What We Do in the Shadows for a third season of FX. Nandor (Kayvan Novak), Nadja (Natasia Demetriou), Laszlo (Matt Berry),andColin (Mark Proksch) are all back as the vampire roommates, but there might be a change in their dynamic now that Nandors familiar Guillermo (Harvey Guilln) has been revealed to be a deadly vampire hunter.

However, in a new What We Do in the Shadows season 3 teaser, it seems like Guillermo is keeping his skills at bay and has opted to keep doing the bidding of the vampire collective. That includes trying to sell some of their unwanted goods on eBay, such as a nice bone and an evil bucket.

These vampires have been living for hundreds of years, so it should come as no surprise that theyve collected a lot of stuff over the years. Theres a nice loose bone available for all your bone needs. On the more risque side, theres also a sex rock, perfect for erotic use. If youre been looking for an evil bucket, Nadja has you covered. But it absolutely is not intended to be used with liquids.

While everyone is taking advantage of this situation by getting rid of junk, Colin is using this as an opportunity to soak up some energy from Guillermo. First, he keeps fiddling with a blanket, preventing Guillermo from taking a photo of it. Then he cant seem to take a good picture of a framed piece of art that Guillermo is holding.

Our biggest question is why Guillermo is still putting up with this nonsense. Maybe hes trying to keep his vampire hunter side from dominating his personality. Perhaps he will use his newfound skills as protection for his vampire friends.

As for the rest of the season, the official synopsis from FX gives us a hint at what else is in store, aside from a brief foray into virtual reality that allows these pals to experience daylight:

In the third season of What We Do in the Shadows, the vampires are elevated to a new level of power and will encounter the vampire from which all vampires have descended, a tempting Siren, gargoyles, werewolf kickball, Atlantic City casinos, wellness cults, ex-girlfriends, gyms and supernatural curiosities galore. Plus, Colin Robinson is turning 100. And Nandor, faced with his own eternal-life crisis, tries to inject his life with more meaning. Will he find love or is he destined to be an immortal bachelor with 37 ex-wives?

What We Do in the Shadows season 3 premieres on FX on September 2, 2021.

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'What We Do in the Shadows' Season 3 Teaser Peddles a Nice Bone, an Evil Bucket, and More - /FILM

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