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Love bites. The characters in the vampire romance books below might know a thing or two about smoochingand biting. Vampires have always been fascinating creatures to me, and whenever I find books that feature them, I cant hold back my shout of excitement. Each author puts their own twist on these distinct stories that will stay with you forever.

My very first vampire book was Twilight. My dad was a Scuba diver and he usually taught classes so other people could be divers too. One time, a girl a bit older than me was taking part in one of his classes, and instead of paying attention to his lessons, she was reading a book. You might guess which one. Yup, Twilight. He decided to buy me the first two books, to see if I would also gravitate towards the story. Im happy to announce that it did work and since then Ive never looked back.

Twilight was a sensation, as we know. It definitely created a vampire boom that expanded throughout the world. Many authors were releasing vampire books and people were hungry for more. I loved the lore, the romance, the high-stakes (pun definitely intended!) circumstances, and the drama that vampires created. But nowadays, you dont see quite as many vampire romance books out there.

With that being said, what Ive been noticing is that you can definitely find more vampire-themed romances in indies. They give you such a wide variety of stories that you wont be able to choose just one. I hope we see growth in the upcoming years where dangerous vampires get their happily ever afters.

Holly Black is one of my favorite fantasy writers. She shows us in this book that vampires are very untrustworthy, dangerous beings.

In a world where vampirism is glamourized, our heroine Tana wakes up one day in the middle of a massacre after a night of partying. The only survivors are herself, her ex-boyfriend, and one vampire chained up next to him. Because of the possibility of being infected, they travel to the nearest Coldtown, a walled city where predators and prey live in an eternal party.

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Half murder mystery, half historical fiction, The Beautiful will soon captivate you with its magnificent story.

In 1872, New Orleans is a city ruled by the dead. This is where Celine moves after being forced to flee Paris and her life as a dressmaker. There she meets La Cour des Lions, the citys glitzy underworld, and its members. One of them the groups leader, the enigmatic Sbastien Saint Germain harbors secrets of his own.

One of the best vampire romance books is The Immortal Rules which I love mainly because of the main character Allie Sekemoto. Shes my queen.

Set in a dystopian world where vampires rule walled-in cities, Allison survives in the Fringe, the outside circle of these vampire-led cities. One night, she stumbles into trouble, only to come out as a vampire the next day, the beings she hates the most.

Now she has to survive the outside world and her new life as a newly born vampire. Allison is really one of my favorite morally grey characters because you see she is ruthless but she also wants to be good.

Another murder mystery story with vampires! Im so excited for this release it sounds like a wonderful story.

Elise can see death. With every touch, she experiences exactly how her loved ones are going to die. When she predicts a teachers death, she has to get the help of another being a vampire who has been assigned to also help Elise on mastering her rare Death Oracle powers.

Amnesia, soulmate trope, and vampires? J.J. McAvoy is here to give you just that.

Druella hasnt been a vampire for long. She prefers to live a very quiet life as an art conservator. All she wants is to blend in, but that soon changes when she finds a naked vampire with no memory of how he got there, or the last century for that matter. He just knows she is his soulmate.

A quick novella, just like the title says, which is going to make your day. Its going to give you plot, romance, and even sexy times.

Li has been living as a vampire for nearly 200 years. But she has been lonely, with no one to be by her side. So she has resigned herself to sweet encounters. Though she still wonders if there is someone out there for her. Maybe the cute vampire who was present at the time of her change will steal her heart.

Katee Robert and vampires in the same sentence should be enough for you to quickly get this book.

Throughout all her life, Mina has been a pawn to move by her father. Being half-human, half-vampire, her father sees her as a weakness. So he sends her to Malachi, the last vampire of his family. She was supposed to be only a blood bank for him, but the longer they spend time together, the more Mina realizes that maybe Malachi isnt that bad at all.

An erotic romance where a sorority of vampires finds their one true love.

College junior Jills life is filled with the top of things to do. She doesnt have time to fall in love, especially with an immortal. This works out fine for Miyoko Tokyo Hayashi, whos busy living the party life. But carefully plotted encounters make this two wonder if they can have a future together.

This cute short story about a vampire and a ghost is a must in your TBR.

Nellie is too good-hearted to feed on any but the worst of men. Their blood though? It tastes terrible! But oh well, what can she do. Shes also very lonely. Can a bloody ghost be the answer to her problems?

A vampire and werewolf princess team up to destroy a bigger evil. Doesnt that sound so interesting?

Phineas has sworn to devote his undead life to stopping the Malcontents, a group of evil vampires. He gets word that his enemies may be hiding in Wyoming, and although he doesnt know much about horses and campfires, this werewolf princess might be of help. Too bad she hates vampires.

Gardener and book lover Milagro de Los Santos doesnt think she fits anywhere. Then, her life changes when she meets Oswald at her pretentious exs book party. Theres an accidental blood exchange that complicates everything further.

When her ex tries to kidnap her, Oswalds family comes to her rescue and takes her to their wine country estate.

Kharynn lives her life as a flight attendant, craving for something more. All her flings have led to nothing, especially her current one. So when she crosses paths with the head of Bello Enterprises, its an immediate attraction between them. Hes harboring some deep and dark secrets like mythical creatures are kinda real in his world.

Even though they have so many obstacles to conquer, will their love last forever?

Penley thought his life was all figured out. That soon changes when he meets Melanie, who has lived a thousand lives and possibly taken many more.

Are they what they have been searching for?

Ketas past has taught her that vampires and witches dont mix, so any romance is off the table with the gorgeous witch Roe. When Roe offers the vampire her spare bedroom, they unexpectedly find themselves as roommates.

As the Winter Solstice approaches, these two need to confront their past and see if there is a future for them together.

Vampire Ezra just wanted a night of fun with drinks and some dancing. But instead, he gets kidnapped by a rival vampire clan. He manages to escape only to get lost instantly in the woods. Thats when he finds an empty cabin.

Morgan just told his monster-hunting family he is done doing the family business. To escape their judgment, he flees to a friends cabin, but the place is already occupied by someone unexpected.

Immortal life sounds tempting, but its clear that many problems arise whenever vampires are near, like in these YA vampire books or vampire romance manga. But it creates an interesting story that captivates our attention and makes us crave more and more tales that feature these mysterious blood-sucking creatures.

15 Fang-tastic Vampire Romance and Romantic Fiction Books - Book Riot

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