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The interviewer of the vampire is Daniel Malloy, a reporter who turns his conversation with Louis into a book and later becomes embroiled in the world of the vampires. In the book, he isn't given a name and is described by Louis as being "the boy." He's young and pretty, much in the same way that everyone in Rice's novels is! In the 1994 film, he was played by Christian Slater (the role was initially to be played by River Phoenix before he died, to give you an idea of how achingly gorgeous and alluring he's meant to be to the vampires).

He's markedly different in this trailer, now played by the 69-year-old character actor Eric Bogosian, whom you may recognize from "Succession" and "Uncut Gems." This Daniel, now at the end of his career, is reportedly revisiting Louis to interview him afresh after screwing up some important details in their first meeting. It's certainly a major change, especially if they decide to keep his narrative in later seasons. Daniel ends up in a co-dependent relationship with Armand, a powerful vampire who was turned at the age of 17, and begs to be turned into a vampire himself. (This does not end well for Daniel.) While it is assumed that Armand will be in this season since he's an important character, we haven't heard a casting announcement for him yet.

The possibilities are certainly vast for AMC's "Interview with the Vampire." The books are lushly detailed, deeply erotic, and philosophically dense, and the series could have the potential to be a huge hit. They've already established that they're willing to make major alterations to well-loved material with their adaptation. We can only hope that their choices will retain the full-throated passion and earnestness of Rice's novels.

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5 Big Changes The Interview With The Vampire TV Series Makes From The Book - /Film

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