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Marcus and Phoebes flirtation injected a vibe missing from this show since Matthew and Diana became old marrieds in fancy dress. There was humour, there was a spark, there was questionable dialogue (I dont bite. You might not, cant say the same about that line.) It was a big gulp of fresh air before we return to ye olde search for the book, and set up an ongoing mystery for the season.

The de Clermonts, we learn, have a secret. (But more a Hollywood secret, which almost everybody knows about and regularly discusses at the better class of party). Ysabeaus bloodline contains the genetic illness blood rage, which gives vampires extremely bad table manners and leaves their victims looking like forked-through piles of minced beef and onion, like the one on this weeks mortuary slab. The mystery Oxford vamp is infected, which means they must be descended from Ysabeaus line. As Domenico fails to recognise their scent, can we assume its not anyone we know?

Theres a pressing need to discover mystery vamps identity, because each new mangled corpse is a step closer to blowing the vampires cover among humans. You know that carefully constructed cover that sees the de Clermonts living continuously in the same thousand-year-old castle and fooling everyone by cleverly changing a vowel in their surname every two-hundred years. Impenetrable.

Though, as Phoebe proved this week, perhaps thats all the cover vampires need. Even when one tells a human what they really are, complete with fridge-blood and a handy pile of photos featuring their unchanging face throughout the centuries, theyre not believed.

To give Phoebe her due, Id more readily accept Marcus as a trust fund millennial than a centuries-old supernatural creature. Theres something irrepressibly youngest-child about Edward Bluemels character, who bounces along with twenty-something vim, seeming carefree, decent and unencumbered by his past. A baggage-free vampire? Whatever next.

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A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Blood Rage - Den of Geek

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