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The protagonists of the YA supernatural TV shows we've seen over the years can rely on the strange worlds they live in to toss them goblins, vampires, werewolves, demons and just about every other terrifying creature imaginable. One other thing they can rely on, though, is the lovably dorky mortal best friend who surprisingly thrives in a world they shouldn't belong to, helping them out of dangerous situations and providing us with some hilarious quips along the way.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer introduced us to one of the earliest examples of this in Xander Harris. One of the first friends Buffy made, Xander originally had a crush on Sunnydale's slayer but that quickly blossomed into a strong friendship as he became a valuable member of the show's 'Scooby Gang', helping his supernatural friends battle the evils of the Hellmouth.

Teen Wolf also employed the dorky best friend trope to perfection through Stiles Stilinski. Scott McCall's lifelong best friend, Stiles was always a little bit unusual but that only aided him when Scott entered a world that was, by its very nature, unusual. As a result, he quickly became one of the most efficient - and hilarious - parts of the show.

Xander and Stiles entertained two different generations in similar ways, but they weren't exactly the same. Can you figure out which one said these memorable quotations or will you also be in need of a nerdy best friend to solve this supernatural quiz?

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