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Marvel shares a tease that Blade, the famous vampire hunter, might be coming to Fortnite as part of the seasonal crossover event Nexus War.

The next Marvel superhero that might join Fortnite within the Nexus War event could be vampire slayer Blade, according to a recent eloquent tease. Nexus War began in the game last month with Thor and other powerful characters joining the battle against Galactus.

A Marvel-themed seasonal event for Fortnite was initially teased at the beginning of August with an in-game comic book appearing in the menu. It featured several frames depicting Thor with his most recent exterior re-design standing against Galactus, one of the Marvels arch-villains. A couple of weeks later, Epic Games revealed the Mighty Thor in his full electrified glory, and soon after that, the massive crossover event Nexus War began introducing a whole team of superheroes, which consisted of Iron Man, Groot, and many others. Obviously, new characters are on their way to defend the Battle Island against Devourer of Worlds.

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One of the inevitable newcomers might have just been revealed via social media. The original tease by Marvel, subsequently retweeted by Fortnite, included a row of emojis obviously hinting at Blades eventual appearance in the game - a pair of sunglasses, the Sun, a vampire, and a couple of swords. Theres just a single solution in the Marvels roster of superheroes to this puzzle, and thats undeniably Blade in his iconic look. Presumably, the hero will be using a katana as a mining tool. This is actually the first official tease regarding new characters, although a month ago, players discovered in-game files pointing at the possibility of Spider-Man and Black Panther coming to Fortnite as well at some point.

As of now, the team of Fortnites defenders led by Thor consists of Iron Man, Groot, Storm, She-Hulk, Mystique, Dr. Doom, and Wolverine. The Nexus War event kicked off on August 27 with an impressive cinematic trailer featuring all the heroes listed above. They appear to have lost their memory upon arriving at the Battle Island, which doesnt prevent them from teaming up and joining forces against Galactus who is about to devour the entirety of Fortnites in-game world.

While Marvel is slowly developing a new Blade movie as part of MCU, now is the perfect time to reintroduce character in video games. Judging by the tease, the vampire hunter will be added to Fortnite sooner rather than later, which means that players can expect Blade to join the battle in one of the next mid-season updates. With his violent background, the hero will perfectly fit in the action-packed battle royale game.

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Fortnite Teases Blade As Next Marvel Hero Coming To The Game - Screen Rant

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