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It's time to celebrate Mystic Falls' past and Legacies is ready to pay tribute to the show that started it all.

In the show's third episode of season 3, our favorite students at the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted are putting their singing skills to the test as they put on Salvatore: The Musical!

According to The CW, "The students prepare to put on a musical about the founding of the Salvatore School at the behest of their mysterious new guidance counselor. Meanwhile, as Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) throws himself into writing the musical and Lizzie (Jenny Boyd), Josie (Kaylee Bryant), Kaleb (Chris Lee) and Jed (Ben Levin) dive into their roles, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) distances herself from the musical."

The network also released photos showing the Salvatore School kids playing some of our favorite characters from The Vampire Diaries. Josie will be playing Elena, Lizzie will be playing her mother Caroline, Jed is Stefan, and Kaleb is playing Damon.

"We had done a musical episode in season 1, so that was sort of the test run and we just loved that episode," showrunner Brett Matthews told Entertainment Weekly. "[Executive producer] Julie [Plec] and I have always been looking for a way to talk about The Vampire Diaries, which is difficult in absentia in some of the actors. Immediately we knew we were doing it [once Salvatore: The Musical was floated as an idea]."

While we don't know exactly if it will follow everything in The Vampire Diaries or maybe just bits of it like the final few episodes, we definitely can't wait to tune in and watch!

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