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Without a stake in the heart, most vampires live forever, and that is true of the franchise The Vampire Diaries. While the show was powdered in 2017, since then, the universe produced has continued in The Originals and Legacies, which is still strong on CW.

Legacies are the stars of a series of mystical creatures/teens that have to combine their studies in the Salvatore School for young and gifted people with supernatural challenges.

The spin-off has effectively kept the show so popular while also making its place in the universe of the Vampire Diaries, and viewers are thus obviously eager to know more about the third season.

The series is officially renewed for a third season, ensuring our favorite characters will spend another year at the Salvatore Young and Gifted School!

Legacies have been renewed for the third season, and the CW will undoubtedly return for at least one year to the Salvador School for the Young and the Talented.

We previously thought that in October 2020, the third season would continue to air, much like the first two seasons in previous years. Yet its all changed now because of the effects of all that is right now.

Legacies is only one of the shows that have been delayed in development, and so that has pushed back indefinitely at the end of season two. This means that it is unlikely that in autumn, three seasons will be as regular. However, new episodes may not be on our screens until early 2021.

The cast of season 6 includes:

Although it is still too early to see what will happen in season 3 of Legacies, dont be shocked if some more cast members will come up in future episodes from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

In the first two seasons, the villainous Kai Parker (Chris Wood) was also listed. He was a Vampire Diaries alum who killed in the original series Josie and Lizzie Saltzmans mother.

After the episode had been released, series designer Julie Plec reported that it was surely not the last one we heard about him.

We are going to keep planting the Kai Parker Easter eggs because it is a big part of the twin past and mythology that we are planning to tell stories from the whole show.

While I know, we wont ever be able to get Chris Wood back for a whole season, and its always fun to keep him alive in the hope of seeing him in small doses during the show run.

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Legacies: Will You Have Season 3 On Netflix? - NationEditions

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